Woodard Fer De Lance

Woodard Knives Fer De Lance Tactical auto that comes with the Woodard box this one has a matte finish to it, 3 1/4″ blade 7 7/8″ overall length – These were a limited build and they have exceptional fit and finish to them. *SOLD*

Kingdom Armory BTB

Kingdom Armory SOT “Bill The Butcher” fixed blade “signed” with tan G10 scales that really grip the hand, comes with a kydex sheath, 3″ blade 7 1/4″ overall length – These are one of the coolest looking EDC fixed blades out there. *SOLD*

Terrell Mayhem #19

Mark Terrell Mayhem #19 with carbon fiber scales and textured Titanium bolster, clip and frame, 4″ blade 9″ overall length – This is one wicked looking blade and unfortunately a very long wait to get one – nice quality piece. *SOLD*


Microtech Custom Damascus

Microtech Semi-Custom Damascus Combat Troodon with Tactical hardware and marked A. marfione on the clip, these were from a run earlier this year, 4″ blade 9 1/8″ overall length – Nice collectable piece and fires like a rocket. *SOLD*

Emerson Raven B GH

Emerson Knives 2001 Raven with Green Handles comes with original box and papers, 3 1/2″ blade 8 3/8″ overall length – Great EDC that’s long been discontinued and you gotta love those green handles. *SOLD*

Warren Thomas “One Off”

Warren Thomas Hawk bladed beast that has been optimized by Kingdom Armory carbon scales and of course warren’s Titanium blade, 4 3/4″ Blade 2″ wide at wave ! and 8 1/4″ overall – I guarantee you will be the only one on your block with one. *SOLD*


Snody Custom Damascus

Snody Custom made Damascus friction Folder with Titanium frame and Titanium overlaid scales, 2 1/2′ Chad Nichols Stainless Damascus blade and 6 1/4″ overall length – Mike did a killer job on this rugged friction folder. *SOLD*

Terry Guinn

Terry Guinn double edged Dagger -Terry is a prolific Bali-song maker and also makes some great fixed blades, comes with a leather sheath with clip, 4″ 154cm blade 8 1/4″ overall length – tapered tang and has a really cool dark bead-blast finish. *SOLD*

Spyderco Rock Salt H1

Spyderco Rock Salt H1 these H1 “Super Steel” knives have been discontinued, comes with the spyderco Kydex sheath, 7 1/4″ blade 12 1/4″ overall length – This is Schempp designed knife that’s amazingly light due to the H1 Steel. *SOLD*


Cutters Knife & Tool Brend

Cutters Knife and Tool Walter Brend  WB#2 collaboration this one is serial #146 and has the all Black scalloped  Frame with black blade, 4″ 154cm blade 9 1/4″ overall length – these are built like a Tank and have excellent fit and finish. *SOLD*

Chuck Gedraitis Balisong

Chuck Gedraitis Balisong #59 with Kukri style blade (1st-one) with brown canvas micarta scales and integral bolsters, 4 1/4″ blade 9 5/16″ overall length – very well balanced quality knife and the blade design is just awesome – Chuck has some mad skills *SOLD*

Pro-Tech Godfather

Pro Tech knives Godfather with Ash Burl inlays and Damascus blade with mosaic button and comes with it’s Pro tech case, 4″ Blade and 9 1/2″ overall length – This one has a really nice Damascus pattern and just a sharp looking Stiletto. *SOLD*


Sniper Bladeworks

Sniper Blade flipper Titanium both sides with optional 1095 blade with a unique design to it, 3 1/2″ blade 8″ overall length – these guys make some Wicked Cool ass blades, this one is a 9-plus has a couple rub marks on blade never cut a thing. *SOLD*

Captain B. Koyama Knives

Captain B. Koyama Japanese Award winning Knife Maker’s Custom Push Dagger made of Titanium and has a Mastodon/Mammoth Scale with sheath- 2 1/2″ Cutting surface – Incredibly light carry knife and it’s just beyond cool! *SOLD*

Microtech Socom D/A (2002)

Vintage Microtech Socom D/A Black Blade Plain Edge Automatic with original box sheath and papers, 4″ Blade 9″ Overall Length – Very Collectable Microtech D/A Auto and this one looks like it just left Microtech – As-New Condition and Rare. *SOLD*


Terry Renner Automatic

Terry Renner Automatic with Giraffe Bone inlays “how cool is that” this is a large folder that opens so smooth with Terry’s unique cable system, high polish spacer, 4 1/2″ Blade 10 1/4″ overall length – A little dressy and just a Bad Ass piece of machinery! *SOLD*

Jimmy Lile Sly II

This is an Original Jimmy Lile Sly II (9″) version made back in the 1980’s that also comes with it’s cordura sheath and fire-starter, 9″ Incredible blade  14 1/4″ overall – This Lile Sly II in in As- New condition and is an extremely Rare knife. *SOLD*

Mick Strider Custom XL

Strider Custom XL folder Ultra Rare knife  that has the Gunner grips with a fantastic grind to it and the blade has a killer recurve, 4 3/8″ S30V blade 10″ overall length – this is one of the most sought after M. Strider Customs “Old School Cool” *SOLD*


Emerson Super CQC-6

Emerson Super CQC-6 comes with original box, baggy, and papers this one is in Brand New condition and not played with at all, 3 15/16″ blade 9 5/8″ overall length – This is definitely at the top of the list for the “Emerson Grail Knives” *SOLD*

Microtech Halo II

Microtech Halo II this is a very early piece from 1998 and it looks like it just left Microtech yesterday – it is MINT! it also comes with sheath and paperwork, 4″ Blade and 9 3/8″ Overall length- These collectable II’s are very hard to find in unused condition. *SOLD*

Emerson Custom Mach 1

Emerson Custom Mach-1 “Damascus” blade made in 2002 This is a true “Grail Knife” that comes with original box,bag,papers, 3 1/2″ blade 8 3/8″ overall length – This is one of the rarest Custom Emerson that I have here on the site and it’s just spectacular. *SOLD*


Cutters Knife & Tool Brend

Cutters Knife and tool Walter Brend WB#2 this one has all the bells and whistles: carbon fiber inlays, slab sides, black blade, 4″ 154cm blade 9 1/4″ overall length – these are built like a Tank and very few were made with carbon fiber inlays. *SOLD*

Pohan Leu Tanto

Pohan Leu Tanto (made 2004) black cord wrap and yellow japanese styled wrap with metal lined Ostrich pattern pigskin sheath, 5 1/4″ Blade  10 1/2″ overall length there is some light black staining on the yellow wrap – Razor sharp ! *SOLD*

Chris Reeve Mnandi “jigged”

Chris Reeve Mnandi “jigged” with Madagascar Rosewood inlay the jigging is no longer offered this one is from 2004 and comes with box and paperwork, 2 3/4″ S30V blade 6 1/4″ overall length – the Mnandi’s are at the top for compact folders. *SOLD*


Sniper Bladeworks Proto

Sniper Bladeworks Prototype “this is a one of a kind” from Blade 2011 has some cool ghosting in the finish with a 6-shot cylinder thumb stud Ti frame both sides and a very thick blade, 3 7/8″ blade 8 1/4″ overall – This is one cool knife! *SOLD*

Frank Fischer Commander

Frank Fisher Commander Tactical frame-lock flipper with Carbon Fiber scales integral titanium bolster and satin finish blade, 3 3/4″ Blade 8 7/16″ overall length – Very clean lines on this knife and my favorite of Frank’s designs. *SOLD*

Microtech Halo III

Microtech Halo III Tanto made in 1999 with box papers and sheath that looks like it was made yesterday, 4 1/16″ 154cm 9 1/4″ overall length – one of the most sought after in the Halo series – Love the Tanto Blade! *SOLD*


Brend Project X Prototype

Walter Brend Project X Prototype from Blade 2011 this one is the only “Sterile” Project X Prototype that was made comes with Documentation as well, 3″ blade 6 1/4″ overall length – Great opportunity to own a Prototype by the man himself. *SOLD*

RJ Martin Knives Custom

RJ Martin Knives custom Japanese knife Ray-skin underlay with a Menuki in handle and comes with two carbon fiber sheaths, 3 5/8″ blade 7 5/8″ overall length-This knife is sharper than a razor blade and just a fantastic piece by RJ. *SOLD*

Crawford Knives Tactical

Crawford Custom Knives Tactical titanium bolsters with carbon fiber scales this knife is 5/8″ thick and smooth as ever, 4 1/4″ blade 9 1/2″ overall – Crawford knives are in a league above most and this is just an awesome example. *SOLD*


Kingdom Armory Samaritan

Kingdom Armory Samaritan with anodized blue frame brown G10 Scale, 3 3/4″ blade 8 3/4″ overall length – Extremely well built knife and built like a Tankand getting very hard to obtain due the high demand of these. *SOLD*

Walter Brend M2 Prototype

Walter Brend M2 Prototype from 2011 Blade Show this one is “Sterile” and this is the only one, 2 3/4″ 154cm Blade 6 1/4″ overall length comes with Proto Documentation signed by Walter – Spectacular grind as always on a Brend. *SOLD*

Microtech Custom Halo V

Microtech Custom Halo V (made in 2010) this Custom Dagger Logo Halo was hand ground by A. Marfione and also has a “Tritium” insert in the button, 4.6″ Blade 10.75″ overall – This is an incredibly powerful OTF with a killer Custom Tanto blade. *SOLD*


Microtech Halo V

Microtech Halo V probably from the early run of these this one is serial #109 with two-tone blade, 4 11/16″ blade 10 3/4″ overall length – These are just monsters in the hand – make sure you know where your body parts are before you push the button. *SOLD*

Mikkel Willumsen IKBS

Mikkel Willumsen Urban Tactical Titanium Frame-Lock IKBS Flipper, 3 1/2″ Blade 8 1/8″ Overall Length- This is a perfect size EDC and this one has a wild looking blade on it -Killer Urban Tactical and very light for it’s size. *SOLD*

Walter Brend Prototype

Walter Brend “Merrill’s Marauders” Prototype (Walterboro SC) Brend Prototype’s are at the top of the “Grail Knives”, 4 1/4″ Satin finished blade 8 5/16″ overall – This is avery Rare opportunity to own a Prototype made by the man himself. *SOLD*


Benchmade 42A Balisong

Benchmade 42A Pre-Production Bali-song serial#184 of only 200 this one is anodized a blue/purplish in color comes with original Box,Sheath and Paperwork, 4 1/4″ Blade 9 1/2″ overall length – Cool looking 42 and a nice collectable. *SOLD*

Benchmade 40TR Trainer

Benchmade 40 TR Balisong Trainer comes with the original Box and Papers these have been discontinued for a while know and are getting harder to come by, 3 3/4″ Unsharpened Blade 9″ Overall – A must for the new practitioner! *SOLD*

Koji Hara Custom

Koji Hara Custom large Bamboo knife comes with a presentation box signed by Koji Hara, 2 1/4″ blade 5 5/8″ overall these are made of cowry-y steel that is not available outside japan – It’s like Christmas when you open these paulownia boxes. *SOLD*