Derespina EDCC

Rich Derespina EDCC with multicolor G10 Scales and OD Green Kydex sheath, 3″ Blade to finger opening 6 1/8″ overall length from almost 1/4″ stock with a lot of Rich’s wild file work- These as there name applies make fantastic EDC’s *SOLD*

5.11 Karambit Tarani Master

5.11 Knives Tarani Master – These are discontinued unfortunately Great design by Karambit Master Steve Tarani, 2.7″ S30V Blade G10 Scales-Very rugged and effective large Karambit Design-Best large Karambit for the money. *SOLD*

Doucette Savage Custom #12

Randy Doucette and Paul Savage collaboration (limited build) this is serial #12 , this is a “hand-forged” Blade with a nice Hamon and Carbon Fiber Scales, 3 3/4″ W2 Blade 8 1/2″ Overall Length – Very well executed Persian Tactical. *SOLD*


Microtech Kestral

Microtech Kestral Auto all Black Serial #323 with red spacers, 4″ 154cm Blade 9″ Overall Length-Hawksbill style Tactical folder that Microtech did a great job with these are heavily built too last a long time-great ergonomics. *SOLD*

Mark Terrell USK

Mark Terrell USK this is an earlier knife that’s done in a matte finish 6 1/4″ Blade 1/4″ Stock and 11 5/8″ Overall Length and comes with Kydex Sheath-These USK/WSK knives are very sought after due it’s part in the movie “The Hunted”. *SOLD*

Frank Centofante

Frank Centofante Custom Fixed blade made early in his career with Tampa FL mark – looks like it just left his bench and comes with original leather sheath, 3 7/8″ Blade 8″ Overall -Frank passed away in 2009 and is very missed by the knife world. *SOLD*


Frank Centofante Custom

Frank Centofante Custom this was a Special Built Model – Eggerling Damascus Bolsters, Beautiful Pearl Scales, extensive file work and 14K screws, copy of original bill of sale, 3 3/4″ Blade 8 3/4″ Overall – One of the Finest knives I have ever owned. *SOLD*

Paragon ATKO 2

Paragon ATKO Automatic with partial serrated bead-blast blade with alloy frame with rubber inserts, 3 1/2″ ATS-34 Blade 8″ Overall length-These are great Old School automatic’s that were made in the USA – Fast moving blade on these -2 Available. *SOLD*

Strider SLCC Custom

Mick Strider SLCC and marked M. Strider “Custom” comes with the Kydex Sheath, 3 3/8″ Cutting edge 6 5/8″ Overall length- This is a “User” and is not in Mint condition – that said it’s in very good shape and getting hard to find. *SOLD*


Emerson/Protech CQC-7 #1

Emerson / Protech CQC-7 “Tuxedo” collaboration Automatic from G3 there were only 50 made and this is (Serial #1), 3 1/4″ Blade 7 7/8″ Overall length-These came out great with the Ivory colored scales and laser scrimshaw. *SOLD PENDING FUNDS*

Microtech Ultratech II

Microtech Ultratech II D/E Two tone black straight edge Serial#379 and comes with the original box,sheath and papers, 3 7/16″ Blade and 8″ Overall Length-These are hard a hard to find ultratech variant – this one also has a sterile blade. *SOLD*

Derespina Brooklyn Bowie

Rich Derespina Brooklyn Bowie (One of my favorites) with Rich’s awesome grinds, 4 3/16″ to scale 8 3/4″ Overall and comes with a kydex sheath with belt loop- unlike most fixed Bowie’s these are profiled perfect for every day carry. *SOLD*


Phil Rose Prototype

Phil Rose Prototype folder Wharncliffe style with Titanium frame-lock and hand finished satin blade, 2 5/8″ blade and 6 1/8′ overall length – Famed for his great survival knives – This Rare Prototype folder would serve well as a compact EDC. *SOLD*

Deviant Blades Karambit

Filip De Leeuw of Deviant Blades built this incredible Karambit that I commissioned with a Mammoth scale, Contoured Ti Bolsters, Stainless Damascus Blade that’s 2 3/4″ to the pivot screw and 6 1/8″ Overall and a leather sheath Philip made – Stunning ! *SOLD*

Ken Onion Forum Knife

Ken Onion Forum Knife with DLC Titanium Frame and Blade with Stud Lock and Speed Safe opening, 3 3/4″ S30V Blade 8 1/2″ Overall Length – These were made in limited numbers originally for Ken Onion Forum Members – High quality knife. *SOLD*


Hinderer XM-24

Hinderer XM-24 rarer non-flipper with some special touches by Hinderer including a satin gray finish to the Frame and also to the blade that gives it a more custom look,  4″ S35VN Blade and 9 1/4″ Overall – The last one I will have for a while. *SOLD*

Emerson Journeyman #12

Emerson Knives new Journeyman with a satin finish straight edge blade, 3 7/8″ Blade with a 9″ Overall Length, This is a brand new design from Ernie Emerson and this one is Serial #12 one of the first ones made – great working knife. SOLD-GAW

Cutters Knife & Tool Brend

Cutters Knife and Tool Walter Brend #2 D/A Automatic great collaboration between the two makers, 4 1/16″ 154cm Blade 9 1/4″ Overall Length – these are some of the strongest built D/A out there and just a great design. *SOLD*


Deryk Munroe Revenant

Deryk Munroe Revenant Friction Folder with Titanium Blade with a blue to purple Blade and Clip with some wild looking lightning strike patterns on the blade, just under a 3″ Blade and 6 3/4″ Overall  Length- Very Unique piece. *SOLD*

Liong Mah/Hall Karambit

Liong Mah and Jeff Hall Collaboration Karambit with G10 Scales 2 11/16″ Blade to the scales 2″ Width at widest part ! and 7 1/4″ Overall with 1″ Ring – This is large heavily built Karambit – these were a very limited build. *SOLD*

RJ Martin Overkill

RJ Martin Overkill Flipper with Brickyard Textured Frame and RJ’s Roller Thrust Bearings, 3 7/8″ Blade 8 3/4″ Overall length-Tactical Award Winning Knife Design and just one of the best all around EDC Tactical knives made. *SOLD*


Burch Tanto

Michael Burch of Burchtree Reverse Tanto Fighter with a cool looking Hamon pattern comes with a custom Burchtree black leather sheath, 6 3/8″ 1095 blade 12″ overall – This is an awesome piece and balances great in the hand. *SOLD*

Strider SMF Hard Chrome

Mick Strider knives SMF with a Hard Chrome finished Blade these very limited (only 18 made) from a special run G10 Scale with American Flag flamed Ti Lock, 4″ Blade 9 1/4″ Overall length – Nice Strider Collectable with an ultra tough finish. *SOLD*

Gedraitis SlipJoint

Chuck Gedraitis Full Dress Slipjoint with Jerry Rados Damascus blade Black Lip Pearl Scales 416 SS Polished Bolsters 3 3/8″ Blade 7 1/2″ Overall with nice file work this is an all screw construction – Very high quality build that is smooth as glass. *SOLD*


Walter Brend #5 Fighter

Walter Brend Number 5 Custom Fighter Walterboro SC Marked, 7 1/2″ Blade 12 3/4″ Overall and 1/4″ thick comes with the Military style sheath Walter provided with the knife – Brend’s are the “Grail’s” of all the Fighting Knives. *SOLD*

Rockstead KOU #013

Rockstead Knives KOU serial # 013 “Limited Edition” with a Rayskin Inlay – this has High Polished bevels and satin flats the steel is CLA-189 Super Steel, 3 1/16″ blade 7 1/4″ overall length – Extremely  Sharp one of the highest RC hardness ratings of any knife. *SOLD*

GTC Integral

Gustavo T. Cecchini of GTC Knives built this large Integral Flipper “The entire frame is one solid piece of Titanium” made 10/05/2010 – 4 1/4″ RWL 34 Steel and 9 3/8″ Overall Length – unbelievable knife design “Tactical Art.” *SOLD*


DDR Venturi V82 Balisong

Darrel Ralph’s DDR New Custom Venturi V82 Bali with Slotted Dagger style blade with Ironwood inlays, Maxx Glide System,File Work on Frame, Anodize Upgrade, NLT Pivots, Adjustable Latch, 4 1/4″ Blade 9 1/4″ Overall -It Doesn’t Get Much Better. *SOLD*

Rockstead TEI – S

Rockstead TEI – S very limited edition knife #41 with original wooden box and papers, 3.54″ DLT 571/XR-7 Steel and 8.43″  Overall – One of the finest fit and finishes of any knife – This is a special knife and Limited edition Rockstead’s are quite rare. *SOLD*

Joel Chamblin Custom

Joel Chamblin Custom mid-lock folder This is one of Joel’s early knives, 2 3/4″ Blade 6 1/8″ oal real nice dark wood scales Very smooth opener from this long time highly skilled smith and this one is priced to sell. *SOLD*


Microtech UMS Center/Firemedic

Microtech Automatic UMS that was a Special Contract Build  for CENTER/FIREMEDIC This UMS has a Safety which is nice safety feature and from the Vero Beach Florida era (2003) comes with original tube and all papers, 3 3/8″ S30V Blade 8″ Overall *SOLD*

Dalton Balisong

Dalton Balisong with red handles and matte finish blade, 4 5/8″ Blade to the frames 10 1/4″ Overall Length- has some light wear on the frame where the it locks The blade itself is in AS-New condition- Wild looking Bali and real big ! *SOLD*

Dalton Scorpion

Dalton Scorpion Out The Front Auto with 3 1/2″ Bead Blast Blade 8 1/8″ Overall Length – One of the most sought after Dalton’s – WARNING these fire like a rocket and the blade is sharpened on the outside edge so use extreme caution or it’s going to hurt ! *SOLD*


Emerson Roadhouse

Emerson Roadhouse with Green Scales from Serial #106 from a special run with green handles, comes with original marked box and papers, 3.8″ Satin Blade and 8.9″ Overall Length – Ernie always comes up with some really great designs! *SOLD*

Microtech Ultratech Bayonet

Microtech Ultratech Bayonet Satin Finish with Serrations, 3 1/5″ ATS-34 Blade 8 1/2″ Length Overall including the Glass Breaker-great looking blade design this is a very popular model for every day carry. *SOLD PENDING FUNDS*

Spyderco Civilian

Spyderco Civilian “Old School” with alloy fame and rubber inlays with serrated edge GIN-1 Stainless Blade with case, 4 1/8″ Blade 9 3/16″ Overall Length- Designed as a specialized weapon for law enforcement – These knives are just wicked! *SOLD*


Zach Buchanan

Zach Buchanan knives custom semi-skinner/hunter (Zach is the son of well known maker Thad Buchanan and this is Zach’s first knife sold to the public, 4 1/8″ ATS-34 blade 8 5/8″ overall – Excellent workmanship and a great opportunity to own the first. *SOLD*

Microtech Halo II

Microtech Halo II Satin Plain Edge Serial #158 Comes with Original Box, Sheath and Papers (made 7/2005),  4″ Satin Blade and 9 3/16″ Overall Length- This Halo Looks like it just left Microtech yesterday – Nice piece ! *SOLD*

Strider RC Tritium #57

Strider RC with Tritium inserts in the thumb studs this is serial #57 of a limited build, 4″ S30V Blade 9 1/8″ Overall Length and 3/16″ thick (These are Big) – These are definitely a Hard to find and don’t come up often for sale. *SOLD*


Stan Wilson Advisor

Stan Wilson Advisor with colored Damascus front and rear bolsters, blade and back spacer, just wild colors throughout the entire knife, extremely nice Mastodon scales, 3 3/8″ blade and 7 5/8″ overall – Great price on a fantastic knife. *SOLD*

Strider SMF Cracked Ice

Strider Knives SMF Tactical Folder with the Cracked Ice Finish Blade – This Strider is completely “Sterile” with no markings – Quite Rare !  4″ Satin Blade 9″ Overall Length- This knife has an exceptional grind and the Ice blade gives it a great look *SOLD*

Strider RW-1

Strider RW-1 Rogue Warrior Limited Build SMF Size with OD Green G10 Scale and Titanium Frame-Lock, 4″ Tiger Stripe Blade  9″ Overall Length-Great looking Collaboration Build with The Commander Dick Marcinko. *SOLD PENDING TRADE*


Don Hall “Merlin Knives”

Don Hall of Merlin Custom Knives Italian Style Automatic Stiletto 11″, This knife is just a Classic Custom piece, with a ton of nice detail work. These knives are “One of a Kind Customs”, and were all hand built by now retired Don “Merlin” Hall. *SOLD PENDING FUNDS*

Burchtree IKBS Flipper

Michael Burch of Burchtree Knives Very Large IKBS Flipper with a Carbon Fiber Scale, 4 1/16″ 1095 Blade 9 3/8″ Overall-If you’ve been searching for a big Burch this is it, I don’t need to tell you how hard they are to come by. *SOLD*

Case XX Copperlock Automatic

Case Knives XX Copperlock D/A Auto Conversion by T bar K Custom knives, Green Jig Bone Scales, 3 1/4″ Blade 7 1/2″ Overall Very Nice Custom file work-These bring back memories as a kid but these have an added bonus! *SOLD*


Case XX Copperlock Automatic

Case XX Copperlock D/A Auto Conversion by T bar K Custom Knives, Orange Micarta Scales, 3 1/4″ Blade 7 1/2″ Overall -I can’t stress enough about how friggin cool these knives really are and also incredibly smooth. *SOLD*

Microtech LUDT Tactical

Microtech LUDT Tactical All Black with the newer textured scale, 3 7/16″ S30V Blade 8″ Overall Length-These have been around since the beginning on Microtech and are workhorses and very comfortable for carry. *SOLD*

Coogler Karambit Titanium

Coogler Custom Titanium Blade Karambit with some cool looking carbon fiber scales, 3 1/8″ Blade and about 6″ Overall Length- Rare Karambit this knife is just wicked – this is a full size Karambit and very light in the hand. *SOLD*