Dwyer DDC Custom XL”54″

Duane Dwyer Co-Owner of Strider Knives Custom XL “54″ Monster, this Rare Custom has a Stainless Steel Scale w/back spacer with a Massive Titanium Lock, 4 3/8″ blade and 10 1/16″ overall length – This is the “Holy Grail” of the XL Customs. *SOLD*

Warren Thomas Rhino

Warren Thomas Rhino with a very Rare “Steel Blade”, Titanium Frame Lock with Warren’s famed color pattern, 3 5/8″ Blade 7 3/8″ overall – one of my personal WT favorites and one of most unique knives designed purely as an offensive weapon. *SOLD*

Mosier XL Spyro LSCF

This is the Frame-lock version of the Mosier XL Spyro and this one has a Lightning Strike Carbon Fiber scale and has IKBS, 4″ recurve blade and 9″ overall length – This is a great design by David and they are built like a tank – Fast flipper. *SOLD*


Cutters Knife & Tool Karambit

Cutters Knife and Tool Bengal Karambit with a carbon fiber scale and a nice satin finished blade, this one definitely has some extra finish work into it,  2 1/2″ blade 6 1/4″ overall length – One of the most sought after Karambit’s ever made *SOLD*

Strider Military

This is an early Strider Knives Military fixed blade with camouflage pattern and comes with military style sheath, 6 5/16 to the guard and 11 3/4″ overall length – This has an (ATS-34) blade and the early BOS stamp  on the tang. *SOLD*

Microtech Option II

Microtech Option II with carbon fiber scale with the stonewash finish comes with original box,baggy, and paperwork, 2 7/8″ x 2 1/16″ blade 6 1/4″ overall length – These have a very large cutting surface and are awesome to carry. *SOLD*


Strider GB BG-42

Strider GB with a “BG-42″ Tanto tiger striped Blade and with the early BOS stamp with G10 scales, these are massive, 4 1/4″ Blade 9 1/2″ overall length – this is a very Early Collectable and Rare Strider that you just don’t see very often. *SOLD*

Graham Razel Flipper

Graham Razel Flipper with a Titanium frame lock and Graham’s gun-site pattern on the Titanium scale, 2 1/4″ CPM154CM blade and 5 3/8″ overall length –  Very cool looking quality compact tactical that is very sought after. *SOLD*

Zermeno WDZ Flipper

Zermeno WDZ Custom Flipper brand new from the 2012 Blade show, Titanium frame-lock and scale with IKBS, 3 3/4″ blade and 8 3/4″ overall length – These knives are heavily built and this spear-point blade has a great look to it – last one in inventory. *SOLD*


Strider AR

Strider knives Model AR Tiger striped, this is an early piece with BOS stamped blade with G10 scales and a massive frame, 4 1/8″ S30V  3/16″ thick blade 9 1/2″ overall length – This quality built Tactical was made to last a lifetime. *SOLD*

Snody Kiradashi

Snody Knives Custom Kiradashi made from Chad Nichols Stainless damascus with two-tone satin bevels that has been Chisel ground, nice leather sheath, approx 1.5″ sharpened edge and 4″ overall length – This was from a small limited custom build. *SOLD*

Kingdom Armory “Bill The Butcher”

Kingdom Armory Bill the Butch Custom fixed blade version (these are so cool) comes with a nice kydex sheath as well, 3 3/4″ to the handle and 7 1/4″ overall length – these make the perfect EDC fixed blade – you don’t see these come up often. *SOLD*


Farid SS-2

Farid Mehr Custom built SS-2 Survival knife with hollow handle and threaded cap with O-ring seal, 7″ Stainless blade from 1/4″ stock and 12″ overall length – Quality built knife and not a lot of these SS-2’s have been made – Love the Teeth! *SOLD*

Reese Weiland Karambit

Reese Weiland Custom Karambit the “Raven” this one is the first of it’s kind with a carbon fiber scale with a blued Damascus blade, 2 1/2″ blade and 6 3/8 overall length – This one came out awesome and light ! – check out that Damascus Blade. *SOLD*

Hinderer Flashpoint

Hinderer Knives FlashPoint fixed blade with bead-blast finish and kydex sheath, these haven’t been made in a long time, 3″ blade and just under 6″ overall – this would be perfect for a compact EDC and Mint ones are getting very find. *SOLD*


Microtech Combat Talon II Brend

Microtech Combat Talon II “Brend” that looks like it was made yesterday, comes with original box, papers and sheath, 3 5/8″ Blade 8 1/2″ overall length – This Walter Brend Hand Ground Blade Talon II is truly a special Custom Microtech. *SOLD*

Weiland Wasp Karambit

Reese Weiland Wasp Karambit with Carbon fiber scales with mirror polished bevel’s, this is only the 3rd Wasp Karambit ever made, 4 1/8″ Blade and 9 3/4″ overall length – This Sick Looking Custom Karambit is just a Wrecking Machine. *SOLD*

Microtech Custom Element

A. Marfione Microtech Custom Element with Dagger logo on clip, Made in 2010 this comes with original box and soft case, 3 1/2″ Hand Ground satin blade and 8 1/2″ Overall – These Rare Stainless Steel frame’s gives the knife a killer look. *SOLD*


Mick Strider Custom

Early Mick Strider Custom SMF with the Famous Nightmare Grind Blade with recurve and camo pattern and Hinderer Lock Stabilizer, 4″ S30V Bos treated Blade and 9″ overall – This early MSC has been very well taken care of. *SOLD*

Rob Criswell Sword

Rob Criswell Custom Short Sword that comes with a sheath, 7 13/16″ blade of 1/4″ stock and an overall length of 13 1/2″ – This one is Mint and Rob has not made these swords for many years so this is a great opportunity. *SOLD* .

Zermeno LSCF Persian

Zermeno Knives WDZ Custom IKBS flipper with Lightning Strike Carbon Fiber, great looking Persian blade on this Tactical, 3 3/4″ blade and 8 3/4 Overall length – This one is Brand New from the 2012 Blade Show. *SOLD*


Knights Armament SK-02

Knights Armament  SK-02 Monster Sized Folder with micarta scales and it has the original sheath and box, 4 9/16″ blade 10 3/4″ overall length – massive overbuild knife designed by Steve Ryan and a must for the Knights Armament guy’s. *SOLD*

Snody Custom Economist

Snody Custom Knives Friction folder with a Titanium Blade, Titanium liners, micarta scales, authenticity card and a wild looking carbide edge, 2 1/2″ blade and 6 1/4″ overall length – This Economist was from a small Custom run and a great value. *SOLD*

Sniper Bladeworks

Sniper Bladeworks this has a Titanium scale and frame with slotted handles made of 1095 with a Hamon pattern, 3 1/2″ blade and 7 7/8″ overall length – This is a *light User* and has some marks on the flats – would make a perfect EDC. *SOLD*


Burch IKBS Flipper

Michael Burch IKBS Flipper (1 of only 10 made EDC) with Flamed Titanium Scale and Frame with a killer Hamon pattern on the blade, 3 5/16″ blade and 7 3/4″ overall length – Probably the most sought after maker on the planet right now. *SOLD*

Brad Southard

Brad Southard Custom built “Ace” that was designed by Liong Mah, they made very few of these awesome IKBS Flippers, Titanium scale and Frame, 3 3/4″ Blade 8 3/8″ overall length – this cool looking piece just melts right into your hand. *SOLD*

Flavio Ikoma Prototype

Flavio Ikoma Harrier 4.5 Prototype A IKBS Flipper with a OD-Green scale and a wild textured and worked Titanium Frame and clip, 4 3/8″ to the scale and 10 1/4″ overall length – This knife is just beyond description- simply a Grail of Grail’s. *SOLD*


Michael J. Smith

Michael J. Smith Full Dress Tactical with polished bolsters, liners and back spacer with a beautiful Chad Nichols stainless Damascus blade, 4″ blade 9 3/16″ overall length – There’s a long wait to get a knife from Michael so this is a great opportunity. *SOLD*

Hinderer XM-18 3.5″

Hinder Knives XM-18 3.5″ Flipper with a black G10 scale with a bead blast finished frame instead of the usual stonewash(nice look), comes with box, 3 1/2″ blade and 8 1/4″ overall length – One of the most popular Tactical’s out there. *SOLD*

Mick Strider Custom SMF

Brand new from the 2012 Blade Show Mick Strider Custom SMF with orange peel anodized Titanium scale ! – This one comes with Mick’s killer Nightmare Grind, 4″ S35VN with satin bevels and matte flats -This is a great looking Mick Strider Custom. *SOLD*