Dalton Interrogator 2

Dalton Interrogator 2 Knuckles with a bonus,  hit the button and out flys an automatic blade – yah got love it !, 6 3/16″ closed and 8 1/4″ overall length – These haven’t been made in years and always a favorite amongst the Dalton knife collectors. *SOLD*

Jim Smyth Custom Knife

Jim Smyth Custom knife that is serial #004 the knife also comes with a nice leather sheath , 9 3/4″ blade and just under 14″ overall length – This is actually designed as a “Thrower” this would be a good addition to your Zombie Killing Equipment *SOLD*

Walter Brend M2 Prototype

Walter Brend M2 Prototype from the 2011 Blade Show this one is “Sterile” and this is the “only Sterile one”, 2 3/4″ 154cm Blade 6 1/4″ overall comes with Prototype Documentation signed by Walter – flawless Mirror Polish and a very Rare sterile Protoype. *SOLD*


Crusader Forge Metro

Crusader Forge Metro Tactical with brown G-1o scale and this one is done in their 3D pattern on the Frame-lock and blade with box and card, 4 1/8″ S30V blade and 9 3/4″ overall length – These are absolute Monsters and should last a lifetime. *SOLD*

Meistersinger Granmatik 52

Meistersinger Granmatik Model GM303 with a BIG 52mm Case, this mono hand watch comes with a convex sapphire crystal and an ETA 2842-2 movement. Original box, papers and leather case and these sell for ($1870 at Watchbuys). *SOLD*

Microtech L-UDT (05/2001)

Early Microtech L-UDT Large Underwater Demolition Team made in 2001 with bead blast blade, no box or papers, 3 1/2″ blade 8 1/16″ overall length- one of Microtech best designed EDC’s and this one fires like a rocket. *SOLD*


Microtech Custom Nemesis

Microtech Custom A. Marfione Nemesis IV serial 86 out of only 100 made with original box,sheath,and papers, 4.2″ matte bead blast blade and 10.4″ overall length – The Nemesis is the flagship of Microtech and these Marfione Custom’s are getting hard to find. *SOLD*

Spyderco Civilian

Spyderco Civilian “This is an Early Civilian” with alloy handles with rubber inlays and comes with it’s original soft case, 4 1/8″ Blade 9 3/16″ overall length- This “Straight Edge Non-Serrated” version is the rarest of the Civilians and it’s in Mint condition. *SOLD*

Burt Foster Fighter M.S.

Master  Smith knife-maker Burt Foster hand forged Fighter with green micarta scales and leather sheath, 5 9/16″ blade and 10 3/8″ overall length – Stunning piece of three pieces of steel in this laminated forging – True Craftsmanship throughout this knife. *SOLD*


Emerson Vintage Commander #16

Emerson Knives 2008 “Vintage Commander” serial #16 of only 25 made with a black blade with original box, 3 3/4″ Blade and 8 7/8″ overall length, this was a special build by Ernie to duplicate the famed heavy built “98 Commander – Awesome! *SOLD*

Strider DDC SMF Custom

Mick Strider/Duane Dwyer DDC Custom SMF with Devin Thomas Stainless Reptilian Damascus blade,Black G10 scale and Titanium Frame-Lock, 4″ Stainless Damascus blade and 9″ overall length – This DDC Custom SMF is just a Bad Ass piece. *SOLD*

Yuna Assassin

Yuna Knives Assassin this is the top of the line Yuna, this one was made with the optional ZDP-189 which is laminated with ATS-34 (Super Steel),  4″ Satin Blade and 9 3/8″  Overall – This is the top of the line mode for Yuna with some killer grinds and it is my last one. *SOLD*


Reese Weiland Karambit

Reese Weiland Raven Karambit with a Carbon fiber scale and a Titanium Frame-lock and this one has a killer looking Blued Damascus Blade, 2 1/2″ blade and 6 3/8″ overall – this is only the second one we did with this combination of the CF and Damascus. *SOLD*

Crusader Forge Metro

Crusader Forge Metro Tactical “This is a Beast of a Knife” Green G10 scale with massive Titanium Lock, original box and papers, 4 1/8″ S30V Massive blade and 9 3/4″ overall length – Highly sought after and this is the BIGGEST one by far I have had. *SOLD*

John W. Smith Dagger

John W. Smith Tactical Dagger (JWS) with Lightning Strike Carbon Fiber Scales, Titanium Bolsters and Liners, 3 15/16″ satin blade and 9 1/16″ overall length – As always with John’s knives the fit and finish is at the top and this is just a beautiful design. *SOLD*


Willumsen Custom Balisong

Mikkel Willumsen Custom Balisong with contoured Titanium handles and a translucent G10 scales, 3″ wide blade and 7″ overall length, This cool looking piece would make a great every day carry Balisong and it even has a Titanium Clip. *SOLD*

Poltergeist Prototype

Poltergeist Knives model the “Psychic” this is the Prototype Fighter from a newer maker in Poland and I am very impressed with the workmanship and fit and finish, 5 1/2″ D2 blade 10 7/8″ overall – this fighter has great ergonomics and highly recommended. *SOLD*

Marty Young Custom

Marty Young Custom with Lightning Strike Carbon Fiber Scales with bead-blast Titanium Bolsters, 3 1/4″ wide satin finished blade and 8″ overall length – Fantastic fit and finish on Marty’s knives and he trained with one of the Best – Kit Carson. *SOLD*


Emerson Vallotton D/A Auto

Emerson Knives and Vallotton Double Action Scale release Auto Mach-1, these are just plain cool – this is a light user, 3 3/8″ blade and 8 1/4″ overall length – If you like Emerson’s and you like Auto’s this would be a great one to pick-up. *SOLD-GAW*

Strider MM Dagger

Strider Knives MM Dagger with Strider’s Camouflage pattern and cord wrapped handle, this is Double-edged and comes with a kydex sheath, 4 5/8″ Cutting surface and 8 3/4″ overall length – This would make the perfect fixed blade EDC. *SOLD*

Burt Foster #1 Fighter

ABS Mastersmith Burt Foster hand forged this absolutely beautiful fighter, it comes with micarta scales and a nicely made leather sheath, 7 1/2″ blade and just under 13″ overall length – great opportunity seeing it’s about a 2 year wait to order one of his knives. *SOLD*


Michael J. Smith Conqueror

New from Michael J. Smith Conqueror D/A Automatic with Ivory Scales, firing pin and back spacer, Blued Damascus Bolsters and Jeweled Spine as well the Beautiful  Blade, 4 1/3″ Blade and 9 7/8″ Overall – Workmanship is beyond Incredible. *SOLD*

Jerry Hossom Vengeance

Jerry Hossom Vengeance Custom Fighter with Burgundy Micarta scales and real nice Mosaic pins, 3 3/4″ hand finished blade and 8 1/3″ overall length – long time maker and some of the most revolutionary designs – great compact fighter! *SOLD*

John W. Smith Tactical

John W. Smith Large Tactical with Titanium Bolsters and Lightning Strike Carbon Fiber Scales, 4 1/16″ blade and 9 1/2″ overall length – As always the fit and finish work on John’s knives is a step above and the LSCF is a nice addition to this Tactical. *SOLD*


Microtech UTX-70 Damascus

Microtech UTX-70 Damascus with box and sheath, just under 2 1/2″ and 5 3/4″ overall length, these small “Out the Fronts” are a Bitch to find and make the perfect knife for you shirt top pocket seeing they weigh about 1 1/2″ oz. *SOLD*

Burchtree Knives “One-Off”

Michael Burch of Burchtree knives built this interesting One of a kind mini Hatchet/Axe and it comes with a kydex sheath, the head is 2 1/4″ front to back and 1 3/4″ tall with an overall length of  5 5/8″ – It’s just a cool looking little Axe ! *SOLD*

Gayle Bradley Knives

Gayle Bradley Custom High Performance cutter that’s approved for Blade-Sports Competition, 9 1/2″ cutting surface and approx. 15″ overall – this is made of CPM M4 with a Rockwell of 61 “Extreme Caution – Razor Sharp” and with cut through just about anything! *SOLD*


Microtech Mini-UMS

Early Microtech Mini UMS Automatic from 2005 serial #1065 black straight edge blade, no box or papers, 2 3/8″ 154cm blade and 5 5/8″ overall length – these are great compact Tactical’s and haven’t been made in years and this one is Mint. *SOLD*

Derespina Karambit

Derespina Geometer Custom made Karambit with a black cord wrapped handle and a Kydex sheath and  has the Tactical black finish, approx 2 1/4″ cutting surface and 5 3/4″ overall – These just mold right into your hand – Great EDC Karambit. *SOLD*

Emerson Hand Ground Karambit

Ernie Emerson Hand Ground Emerson Karambit Serial #46. These are from the Pre-Production Run, the rest as they say is history and without a doubt the most successful Karambit ever made. These Hand ground  Karambit’s are extremely Rare. *SOLD*


Strider SNG “Old School”

Early Strider Knives SNG with BOS stamp and Hinderer Lock Stabilizer, Black G-10 with Flamed Titanium Lock, 3 5/8″ S30V Camouflage Pattern blade and 8 1/4″ overall length – This is a real nice looking Old School Strider SNG. *SOLD*

Weiland Wolverine

Reese Weiland Wolverine with Timascus bolsters,spines, and top inlay with some Elephant Ivory scales, 5″ mirror polished blades and about 10″ overall length – Without a doubt the most Unique and Bad Ass Automatic knife ever made ! *SOLD*

Weiland Toxic Karambit

Reese Weiland Toxic Karambit with a Flamed Titanium Frame-lock and scale with a blued Damascus blade, 2 1/2″ blade and 6 3/8″ overall length – This one has the Toxic contouring throughout the frame and its just a killer piece! $495 – *PENDING*