Hinderer XM-24

Brand New Rick Hinderer XM-24 with a Carbon Fiber scale, this one was a special order – dark bronze color liners, spacers and the frame as well. The 4″ blade has a smooth matte finish instead of the usual stonewash-If your looking for a unique XM-24 this is it. -SOLD

Microtech Select Fire (Pre-Production)

Brand New from the Blade Show and one of the shows Award Winner’s Microtech’s Select Fire/M This is the Manual version very nice design handle with carbon inlays and a kick ass blade- This is the Semi-Custom Pre-Production version. *SOLD*

Liong Mah Custom

Liong Mah and Howard Viele Custom Hawk 2 serial #4 , 3 1/4″ approx. Blade 7 1/2″ oal, Carbon Fiber Scales, Titanium Liners- Cool Design and perfect size EDC and feels great in your hand. Very Rare Knife! *SOLD*


Jim Burke Custom

Jim Burke Custom made Folder, 3 1/4″ Wide Blade 7 5/8″ oal, Titanium Frame Lock, Shaded Blue,Very Cool-Perfect Carry Size Knife and a Very High Quality Built Knife-This is not a production it is a handmade custom. *SOLD*

John W. Smith Tactical

John W. Smith Tactical Titanium Framelock with scales, 3 1/2″ killer Satin finish 8 1/4″ overall length  perfect high end EDC and as you would expect from a JWS built knife – The fit and finish is at the top for quality built Tactical. $495

Sal Manaro XL Bullseye

Sal Manaro XL Bulls-eye Micarta Scales Titanium Bolsters Custom Clip This knife is just awesome in the hand, 5″ Blade  11 1/2″ Overall length- Superb quality build in this very sought after XL BullsEye-Ultra Rare Piece ! *SOLD*


Mercworx Atropos #19

Mercworx Atropos limited build knife serial #19 Green Micarta handles with Titanium bolsters- 4″ Blade 9 1/2″ Overall-Fantastic fit and finnish on these Atropos Tactical Folders and rarely seen. *SOLD*

Liong Mah Custom

Liong Mah and Mike Obenauf collaboration The “Ignitor” Serial #10 Wide 3 1/2″+ Blade 8 1/4″oal, Titanium Frame with very cool looking Cut Out pattern, Quality Build and Great Design. *SOLD*

Hinderer XM-24

Brand New from Rick Hinderer Knives XM-24 with the Camo scale 4″ Blade comes with the original box-This one looks real good with the Camo pattern scale, these Hinderer XM-24 knives are made in very limited runs. *SOLD*


Gerry McGinnis Aero

Gerry McGinnis Custom “Aero” Frame-lock Flipper, Titanium Frame beautiful satin finished blade and high polished on top of blade , 3 3/4″ Blade 8 5/8″ Overall-One of the smoothest high quality flippers out there and very hard to find. *SOLD*

Sniper Blade Works LPC

Sniper Blade Works LPC, Fresh from the Blade Show, Green G10 scale, 4″ Harpoon style Blade , 8 3/4″ – Great looking knife and locks up like a vault, one of the best designed handles out there, if you don’t have one its time to buy one ! *SOLD*

Sniper Blade Works

Brand New from 20111 Blade Show Sniper Blade Works LPC with Hamon with safety orange scale and a fuller in the blade and an 8-shot cylinder thumb stud, 4″ Blade 8 3/4″ Overall- Another excellent knife from the Lance. *SOLD*


Ken Onion Forum Knife

Ken Onion Forum Knife-Special build exclusively for his Forum Members , 3 3/4″ S30V Steel Blade 8 1/2″ Overall-Best value in an Onion with the ken’s Speedsafe – fires like an auto !  all DLC Coated, very cool looking knife with excellent fit and finish. *SOLD*

Gabor Nagy Gaboratory Skull Ring

Original Gabor Nagy Gaboratory slack jaw skull ring reported by original owner that he purchased it in 1997 It’s in fantastic condition! This was hardly warn by it’s original owner size 12 approx.  Gabor Nagy was considered by most to be the Pioneer to todays high end silver jewelry . Rare Find ! *SOLD*

Sniper Blade Works LPC

Sniper Blade Works Custom LPC (Small) Titanium frame-lock and this one is well upgraded, 3 5/8″ 1095 Blade with real nice Hamon  8″ overall length-Excellent designed Tactical -just a kick ass knife ! *SOLD*


Walter Brend Marauder Prototype

Brand New from Blade 2011 Walter Brend Marauder prototype folder, just shy of 4″ Blade and 9″ Overall – This knife is one of the finest tactical folders I have ever seen-Walter has the best grinds out there. *SOLD*

Tom Mayo TMX

Tom Mayo Knives TMX limited build with S30V steel, this has Carbon Fiber Inlays and a recurve blade shape-One of the best EDC’s available and the fit and finish is superb. *SOLD*

Cutters Knife & Tool Bengal Karambit

Cutters Knife and Tool Bengal Karambit (CK&T) 154-cm Blade,G10 and Flamed Titanium Frame-Extremely Sought After EDC Karambit, This is New but has some light handling marks on back of blade.-These are Very Fast in The Hand. *SOLD*


Vox Custom Knives

Brand New from the 2011 Blade Show – Vox Custom Knives from Denmark custom folder with Titanium Frame 3 3/8″ Very Stout Blade 8″ Overall – Built like a Tank everything is oversized- These are extremely hard to find. *SOLD*

Starlingear Limited Edition Stealth Ring

Starlingear Stealth (LIMITED EDITION ONLY 10 WERE EVER MADE PER JADE) Ring size 11.5 Approx this is a big ring and it’s heavy! Limited build and one of the coolest design’s, this one is near  brand new worn by myself a few times. *SOLD*

Sniper Blade Works

Sniper Blade Works Custom LPC with some Ghost Skulls on the Blade – very neat ! This one has a carbon fiber scale, 3 5/8″ Blade 8″ Overall-These have great ergonomics and this would one would make the perfect EDC. *SOLD*


Sniper Blade Works

Sniper Blade Works Custom Knives DH Black G10 Scale with a Full Length Moon-Glow Spacer, 3 7/8″ Very Wide Blade 8 3/4″ Overall – This is designed to be a hard use folder- New from 2011 Blade. *SOLD*

Hinderer XM-18 Custom

Brand New from 2011 Blade Show Rick Hinderer Custom XM-18 3.5″ with a very Rare Wharncliffe Blade comes with box-The Wharncliffe Blades are one of the most sought after in the XM-18’s – Just a Bad Ass looking knife! *SOLD*

Tom Mayo large TNT-CF

Tom Mayo Custom large TNT with a Carbon Fiber Scale (extremely rare Mayo) with flat scale and frame, 3 3/4″ 154cm Steel Blade 8 1/2″ Overall-You don’t see too many Carbon Fiber Mayo’s and this one is just perfect and lite ! *SOLD*


Burchtree Burch Cleaver

Michael Burch of Burchtree knives Cleaver/Chopper design 4″ by 3″ Blade 5/16″ Thick and 9 1/4″ Overall length-This carry cleaver is just Nut’s, you pull this out and people will run screaming – looks like its from the Dark Ages ! *SOLD*

Spyderco Gunting Trainer C68GTR

Spyderco Gunting fighting Knife and Trainer design by famed Bram Frank, 3 1/16″ blade  8 1/16″ Overall Original box and  near new condition-It is getting nearly impossible to find these trainers. *SOLD*

Peter Carey Rubicon Extreme

Peter Carey Rubicon Extreme Flipper, Carbon Fiber Scales with Titanium Bolsters, 4 1/4″ Blade 10 1/4″ Overall Blade is at widest point 1 1/2″ Wide !-This is a Monster of a Knife and extremely well made. *SOLD*


Fraley XL Deluxe Torrent #01

Derek Fraley XL Deluxe Torrent Serial flipper #1 with the Lost Souls Clip Carbon Fiber Scales , Titanium Bolsters, 4 1/2″ S30V Blade 10 1/8″ Overall-Undoubtably one of the Finest Knives Made Today. *SOLD*

Burchtree Carbon Fiber Flipper

Michael Burch of Burchtree Knives Monster Sized IKBS Flipper with Carbon Fiber Scale, 4 1/16″ 1095 Blade 9 3/8″ Overall-This has a very nice blade design and the knife feels great in the hand with the carbon scale. *SOLD*

Harley V-Twin Engine Silver Ring

Harley V-Twin Silver Ring, it is a Monster and weighs a ton the detail on this ring is amazing, I’m trying to ID the maker’s marking, size 12.5 approx-This ring is definitely unique and looks real cool on. *SOLD*


Emerson Custom Silver Shadow Karambit

Emerson Knives Custom Silver Shadow Karambit, This is probably the Rarest of the Karambit’s with only 5 Ever Made, This is a Custom Zero Grind Blade-Just in Time for the Blade Show! *SOLD*

RJ Martin Q-36 CF

RJ Martin Q-36 with carbon Fiber Scales, Dress up Bolsters 3 7/8″ Blade 8 3/4″ Overall – This model won the Blade Show “Best Tactical”-These knives are almost seamless in there build-One of the Best Tactical Flippers out there. *SOLD*

Emerson Custom Sub Commander

Emerson Custom Made Sub-Commander Prototype, This knife was made special for the Blade 09 Show, 2 3/4″ Stout Custom Blade  7 5/8″ Overall-Definitely one of the Rarest of the Commanders. *SOLD*


Tim Horan Custom Knives

Tim Horan Custom Fighter, 7 1/4″ Blade 12 1/2″ oal, Comes with a Leather Sheath and a Kydex Sheath, Pale Green Translucent Scales-Great Blade design I really Like the Recurve in the Blade. *SOLD*

Chris English Z Custom Knives

Chris English of Z Custom knives Large Automatic Titanium Frame , Micarta Scales Custom File work on Spacer and Blade, 3 7/8″ High Polish Blade 8 13/16″ Overall-Strong spring and they are built very well-Hold on when you push that button. *SOLD*

Sawby Combat Utility

Sawby C.U. Combat Utility with a stainless Damascus blade and matching clip with dark brown micarta scales and high polish bolsters, 3″ blade 7 1/2″ overall length – These Sawby CU’s are one of the finest quality Tactical’s made. *SOLD*


Hinderer XM-18 3.5″

Rick Hinderer Knives XM-18 3.5″ non-flipper with a cool looking translucent scale, comes with the original box, these are hard use rugged built knives and are  one of the most sought after tactical knives out there. *SOLD*

Korth Custom Knives #126

Korth Custom Knives Flipper Serial #126 with IKBS OD-Green and Black Scales with an awesome “Carving of a Skull on the Clip”, 3 3/8″ Satin Blade and 7 5/8″ Overall-This would make one hell of a cool looking EDC! *SOLD*

Microtech Chameleon Dagger Logo #58

Microtech Knives Chameleon D/A 3/96 This is serial #58 of 100, This is a Custom Hand Ground Dagger Logo knife and is in Mint condition-3 9/16″ ATS-34 Blade 8 1/8″ Overall-Extremely rare and collectable early Dagger Logo. *SOLD*


Dalton Knives Cupid Militia #71

Robbie Dalton Knives Large Cupid Militia Serial #71 with Safety, 5″ Blade and just under a FOOT Overall-This fires like a Gun before you push the button make sure your body parts are out of the way-This knife is the Nuts! *SOLD*

William Henry B30 Auto

William Henry B30 TIB Automatic Knife with Citrine Stone,Desert Ironwood, Titanium Pocket Clip, 3 1/8″ tungsten DLC ZDP-189 Core Blade 7″ Overall-Fantastic Fit and Finish on this Auto. $550-SOLD PENDING FUNDS*

Spyderco Gunting C68G

Spyderco Gunting fighting Knife C68G Designed by famed Bram Frank, 2 7/8″ Blade 8″ Overall Excellent Condition-It is getting very hard to find these knives and one of Spyderco’s best designed Fighters. *SOLD*


Burchtree Burch Karambit #1

Michael Burch of Burchtree Knives Karambit this is serial #1 ,Ray-skin with lizard menuki leather sheath Burchtree build card, 3 1/2″ Blade 7 3/8″ Overall-This full size Karambit is beyond cool ! *SOLD*

William Henry Lancet Mokume Auto

William Henry lancet Auto B10 WSSW-Auto #44 Limited Edition knife-2 3/4″  6 1/4″ Overall with Wave pattern ZDP-189 Core @ HRC 67, Wave Mokume Frame, White Topaz Thumb-stone, Stunning Piece of Art with an Edge ! *SOLD*

Chris Reeve Sebenza “Eyes”

Chris Reeve Large Sebenza “Eyes” model New with box and papers, 3.625″ satin finished blade with stonewash flats 8.335 Overall-without a doubt one of the finest production knives made-the knife looks like it starring at you. *SOLD*


Terry Guinn Ring Knife

Terry Guinn Knives fixed blade with Ring, 2 3/4″ Cutting Edge of 154CM Steel 3/16″ Thick and  7″ Overall with a 1 1/16″ Ring-Terry is well known for his Balisong’s but this fixed blade is just the cat’s ass and would be a great EDC. *SOLD*

Chris Reeve Project II Camo-Rare

Chris Reeve project II with the (optional Factory Camo pattern) comes with box and papers with the leather sheath, 7 1/2″ A2 Blade 12″ overall. This was made in 2003 and is in brand new/unused condition-rare find for the Reeve collector! *SOLD*

Emerson Custom CQC-7

Emerson Custom CQC-7 Fixed blade, Only 3 exist ! 5 1/8″ Zero Grind Blade 10 1/2″ oal, Course G10 Scales, Comes with Kydex Sheath-One of the Rarest Custom Emerson’s. *SOLD*


Warren Thomas Rainer Ring Knife

Warren Thomas Rainer Ring Knife knife made of Titanium and carbon fiber comes with the WT Kydex sheath-weighs about an ounce and it is a nasty little bugger and very sharp ! *SOLD*

Michael J. Smith Custom

Michael J. Smith Knives Custom folder  3 5/8″ hand finished Blade 8″ oal, carbon fiber scales, titanium bolsters, polished titanium bolsters.-Seamless Fit and Finish Top Quality Maker. *SOLD*

Chris Reeve Umnumzaan

Chris Reeve Umnumzaan folder Brand New in box with papers and also with a (optional) brand new Reeve Take-down tool kit, 3.675 Blade 8.45″ Overall-These open and close like a $1,000 custom very impressive knife. *SOLD*