Mick Strider Custom SJ75

Mick Strider Custom SJ75 with Titanium frame with spine work and scale nightmare grind blade with the Dragon Spine file work and signed, 3 1/16″ wide blade and 7 1/4″ overall length – one of the best designed knives to come off of Mick Striders bench. *SOLD*

Reese Weiland Custom

Reese Weiland Custom with black micarta scales stone wash Ti bolsters and a custom made blade, 3 3/8″ blade and 8 1/4″ overall length – It is a Weiland Custom build (Po’ Boy) built from scratch that pays homage to the highly respected Emerson CQC-6. *SOLD*

Snody Damascus Friction

Snody Knives Damascus Friction Folder with Micarta scales, Titanium liners, authenticity card and a Stainless steel Damascus blade, 2 1/2″ blade and 6 3/8″ overall length – This was from a very limited custom build with a cool Damascus pattern. *SOLD*


Microtech Hawk

Microtech Hawk Automatic knife made in 2005 comes with original papers and Microtech sheath and non-original box, 4″ blade 8 3/4″ overall length- These haven’t been made in quite some time and definitely one of the best looking Microtech’s ever made. *SOLD*

ProTech Custom Titanium

Pro-Tech knives Custom Titanium Runt #2 this one is has a hand mirror polished Titanium frame with Abalone inlays, Eggerling Damascus Blade with box and papers, 2″ blade 4 7/8″ overall length – This is ProTech Knife Art at it’s finest. *SOLD*

Dave Beck Custom

Dave Beck Custom famed for his WSK knives as use in the movie “The Hunted” made this Custom with a tapered tang and micarta scales also comes with a nice heavily built leather sheath, 4 1/2″ blade and 8 5/8″ overall – just a nice all-purpose knife. *SOLD*


Strider Custom XL SLCC

Mick Strider Custom XL SLCC with the Kevlar pattern, OD-Green Scales and a Kydex sheath, 6 3/4″ blade to the scales and 9 5/8″ overall length – These Bad boy’s are pretty rare and this one has Strider’s Custom Nightmare Grind. *SOLD*

Mark Terrell Karambit

Mark Terrell Custom Karambit  Number #17 made from 1/4″ stock with micarta scales and a kydex sheath, 3 3/8″ blade 7″ overall and a 1″ ring – this is a double edged Karambit that is heavily built and great in the hand. *SOLD*

Benchmade 30 Balisong Special Edition

Benchmade Model 30 Bali-song this was a Special Limited Edition Bali with a mirror/high polish finish this one is serial #4 and comes with box and papers, 3 3/8″ blade 7 9/16″ overall length – Nice collectable Balisong. *SOLD*


Weiland Damascus Karambit

Reese Weiland Raven Custom built Karambit with a “Purple Haze” colored Damascus, 2 1/2″ blade and 6 3/8″ overall length – The blade on this one is pretty wild looking – One of the finest Custom EDC Karambit’s made today. *SOLD*

Extrema Ratio 185

Extrema Ration 185 Clone Tactical/Survival knife comes with box, sheath and accessary, 4 3/4″ blade 10 1/2″ overall length – these come with a pin that can screw into the frame so the blade can’t unlock and these are an absolute monster of a knife. *SOLD*

Woodard Madam Pocket Pro

Woodard Madam Pocket Pro Auto with red anodized frame with a “Madam” Nude girl – looks like nose-art on the WWII bombers, 2 1/2″ mirror polished blade 5 3/4″ overall length – They made very few of these and it is definitely a conversation piece *SOLD*


Doc Shiffer Custom

Doc Shiffer Custom Knives Damascus Folder with Damascus bolsters with carbon fiber scales and colored Titanium liners with matching clip, 3 9/16″ Damascus blade and 8 3/16″ overall length – Nice upscale Tactical. *SOLD*

Kit Carson Model 16

Kit Carson Custom model 16 with dark green micarta scales, textured titanium bolsters with a smooth matte finish on the blade, 4 1/16″ S30V blade 9 1/4″ overall length – Kit Carson knives are top quality especially in their fit and finish and also a great balanced knife. *SOLD*

Reese Weiland Prototype

Reese Weiland Prototype Out the Front Automatic, the frame is made from Stainless Steel and the blade is in a high polish finish, the blade is just under 5″ and the overall just under 11″ – The Workmanship and Beauty throughout this Rare Proto Auto is just amazing*SOLD*


Microtech Halo V

Microtech Halo V T/E satin Finish Model 150-5 comes with box,sheath,and papers, 4 5/8″ D2 Steel Blade 10 7/8″ overall length – These Halo V’s are an absolute monster and without a doubt one of the strongest Out-The-Fronts auto’s made. *SOLD*

Rob Criswell Katana

Early Rob Criswell Katana that is signed and dated 2002 comes with a kydex sheath with a modern take on a Japanese sword, just under 26″ to the guard and almost 39″ long – This is not a decoration/fantasy sword, This is a hand made custom sword. *SOLD*

Emerson Pro-Tech USN CQC-7

Emerson Knives and Pro-Tech Automatic collaboration USN CQC-7 from the G3 Show #36 of only 50 made, these have a special laser scrimshaw Ivory Micarta scale, 3 1/4″ blade and 7 7/8″ overall length – Very cool looking collectable. *SOLD*


Microtech Semi-Custom Select Fire

New Microtech Select Fire Manual “Pre-Production Semi-Custom” limited run, not a standard production and it has different makings, this one is #84 and in a bead-blast Tactical finish 3 3/4″ Blade 9″ overall – Nice collectable Microtech. *SOLD*

Farid Knives Custom

Farid Custom Knives Fighter with linen Micarta scales with a red under liner, this also comes with a very nice leather sheath, 6 5/8″ blade 11 3/4″ overall length made of 1/4″ stock – Excellent design and heavily built quality fighter *SOLD*

Reese Weiland Toxic Bali

Reese Weiland Toxic Persian Balisong with special order multi colored Titanium handles and a colored Damascus Persian Blade, 4 1/4″ to the scales 9 7/8″ overall length – This one came out just awesome and one of the finest Butterfly knives made. *SOLD*


Emerson TAD Super Commander

TAD Gear collaboration with Emerson knives, this Super Commander is marked #27 from a small run in 2002 comes with original box, 4″ black blade 9 5/8″ overall length – Nice early hard to find Emerson that’s in Mint condition. *SOLD*

Stan Wilson Intersec Auto

Stan Wilson Custom Large Intersec Button Lock Auto with Micarta scales and colored Titanium liners, 4 3/16″ Wide blade and 9 1/2″ overall length – Stan Wilson is undeniable one of the great Master’s of the Art Auto’s – This big boy is a bit more Tactical. *SOLD*

Phil Boguszewski Custom

Very Rare Boguszewski Damascus dagger style knife with black micarta scales blue jeweled liners, 3 9/16″ stainless Damascus blade and just under 8″ overall length – as always with a Bogi – fantastic fit and finish and just a cool looking piece. *SOLD*


Crusader Forge TAD Metro

Crusader Forge VIS Metro TAD Gear Special Edition (very few were made) original box and Certificate of Authenticity, 3 5/8″ wide blade 8 7/8″ overall – this rare TAD Edition is an overbuilt Tactical Tank and should last a lifetime of use. *SOLD*

Warren Thomas Rhino

Warren Thomas Rhino with a very Rare Steel Blade, Titanium Frame Lock and clip comes with Warren’s famed color pattern, 3 5/8″ Blade 7 3/8″ overall – one of my personal WT favorites and one of most unique knives designed purely as an offensive weapon. *SOLD*

Steel Flame Axe-Link

Steel Flame Axe-Link silver bracelet “These are the Grail of Grail’s” and one the most ingenious designed bracelet’s – this one is Brand New and comes with the Steel Flame pouch and authenticity card – Huge bracelets that people just gravitate too. *SOLD*


Reese Weiland Raven

Reese Weiland Raven Custom built Karambit with some nice upgrades including contoured scales and blued Damascus, 2 1/2″ blade and 6 3/8″ overall length – One of the best designed Karambit’s ever made for everyday carry – I personally carry mine daily. *SOLD*

Cold Steel Custom Hatamoto

Cold Steel Custom Series Hatamoto 60H San-Mai III steel Japanese style folder, comes with a metal case and Cold Steel sleeve, 4 1/16″ blade 9 1/8″ overall length – This was a limited build custom series that are long sold out – great looking Tanto. *SOLD*

Reese Weiland Prototype

Reese Weiland Prototype Karambit – I picked out all the materials for this Custom build – Mastodon scales, Titanium liners, colored Damascus bolsters, Devin Thomas SS Damascus blade, 4 1/4″ blade 9 3/4″ overall -This is the Ultimate Karambit. *SOLD*