Jody Muller Custom Knives

Brand New direct from the Maker Jody Muller Custom Knives is this incredible Tactical piece of Knife Art with Jody engaged bolsters with bronze inlays, 3 7/8″ blade and 8 3/4″ overall – The pictures will tell the story of this fine custom piece and a multi year wait for one. *SOLD*

Deryk Munroe Revenant

Awesome Deryk Munroe Revenant Friction Folder with a stonewashed Titanium Blade with it’s carbonized edge and anodized Titanium Clip and standoff, just under a 3″ Blade and 6 3/4″ Overall – Cool looking compact Munroe Tactical and would be a dream to carry. *SOLD*

Benchmade 62T Trainer

Lightly used Benchmade 62T Balisong Trainer that comes with it’s original box but no sheath, 4 1/4″ dull training blade and 9 1/4″ overall length – The best way to get into balisong training is a trainer which will help you from seeing red :):) *SOLD*


Rockstead Kou

Brand New from the 2016 Blade Show is this Rockstead Kou folder with it’s original box and paperwork, 3 1/16″ blade and 7 1/4″ overall length – These Kou’s are made in very limited numbers and this one has the upgraded 3-ZDP super steel blade option. *SOLD*

Warren Thomas M19

New/Unused Warren Thomas M19 folder with OD Green scale and OD green G10/bronzed Titanium laminated blade with a bronze anodizedTitanium frame-lock, 4 3/16″ blade and 9 1/2″ overall – amazingly light for it’s size and would make a great EDC. *PENDING*

Spyderco FB01″Original”

Unused / Vintage Spyderco FB01 with a mirror polished blade that comes with it’s original box and brown leather sheath, 3 7/8″ blade and 8 1/16″ overall length – Awesome polished blade FB01 original Featherweight Bill Moran designed knife. *SOLD*


John Cohea Folder

Rare John Cohea Custom Traditional Folder with a hand forged blade and tons of cool materials including copper brass and antler and comes with it’s very decorative sheath, 2 3/4″ blade and 7 1/4″ overall and an 1″ thick in the center of handle – Beautiful Rare Piece. *SOLD*

Benchmade Morpho 32BK

Mint / Unused Benchmade Morpho 32BK that comes with it’s original box, paperwork and benchmade soft pouch, 3 1/4″ black coated blade and 7 3/8″ overall length – Great EDC Balisong due it’s compact size and the addition of a clip. *SOLD*

Alphahunter Warhorse

Brand New from the Maker – Alphahunter Tactical Design Warhorse Flipper with original box and pouch, 3 1/2″ blade and 8 5/8″ overall – These are very hard to find and these overbuilt Tactical Warhorse’s are all business and should last a lifetime of use. *SOLD*


Chris Reeve Small Sebenza

Near new Chris Reeve Small Sebenza folder with it’s original box and build card from 2011, 3″ (S35VN) blade and just under 7″ in overall length – these Chris Reeve Sebenza’s are the perfect knife for everyday carry and should last a lifetime of use. *SOLD*

Tashi Bharucha Alien

Brand New from the Maker is this incredible Tashi Bharucha Alien Flipper folder that comes with it’s identification dog tag and Tashi bag, 3 1/2″ blade and 8 3/8″ overall length – Butter smooth and one of the most sought after knife at the 2016 Blade Show. *SOLD*

Microtech Tachyon II

Mint/Unused Microtech Tachyon II black Model 171-1 with it’s original box, paperwork and soft pouch, 4 1/2″ blade and 10″ overall length – These Tachyon 2’s are no longer offered from Microtech and are becoming quite collectable. *SOLD*


Benchmade 63 1st – Production #290

Hard to find Benchmade Model 63 1st – Production Bowie #290 Balisong with it’s original box and paperwork (no sheath), 4 1/4″ blade and 9 1/4″ overall – Nice looking Benchmade collectable balisong just check out the pictures of this Bowie *SOLD*

Steel Flame Axe Link

Brand New from the 2016 Blade Show is this Awesome Steel Flame Axe Link bracelet with two extra removable links so it will fit a small or large wrist at 10 5/8″ overall length – The Ultimate in wrist bling and there is nothing else like them on the planet ! *SOLD*

Benchmade 67 1st – Production #248

Hard to find Benchmade 67 1st – production Balisong with it’s original box, paperwork and sheath, 4 1/8″ blade and 9 1/8″ overall length – Great looking Tanto styled blade on this limited build 1st production Benchmade Bali-song. *SOLD*


Darrel Ralph Prototype Balisong

Darrel Ralph Prototype Balisong with multi colored titanium frame that have carbon fiber inlays, 4 1/16″ Wharny/Straight Razor styled blade and 9 1/16″ overall – Very well built Custom Balisong with lots of excellent workmanship throughout this fine piece. *SOLD* 

Steel Flame Crescent Sledge Bracelet

Brand New from the 2016 Blade Show is this amazing Steel Flame Crescent Sledge Custom Bracelet made of sterling silver and has blued titanium hardware throughout this incredible piece – One of the nicest Steel Flame silver bracelets I have ever seen. *SOLD*

Rockstead Knives Chi (ZDP-189)

Brand New from the Maker is this Rockstead Knives Chi (ZDP-189) with it’s box and paperwork, 3 1/4″ blade and 7 1/2″ overall length – The Chi has a Japanese Styled Tanto ZDP-189 mirror polished blade and is one the hardest and sharpest blades out there. *SOLD*


One Too Many Bracelet Custom Bracelet

Brand New from “One Too Many” long time custom Maker out of California – this great looking piece is made of White Bronze and is 9 5/8″ overall length to length – this is a perfect bracelet for everyday use and the white bronze has a really cool look to it ! *SOLD*

Rockstead Higo

New from the 2016 Blade Show is this fine Rockstead Higo frame-lock folder with it’s box and authenticity paperwork, 3 1/2″ (ZDP-189 SUPER STEEL) Blade and 8 1/2″ overall – These are some of the sharpest knives on the planet and the perfect EDC. *SOLD*

Rockstead Chi

Brand New from the Maker is this Rockstead Chi with a DLC YXR-7 Super Steel Blade that comes with it’s wooden box and paperwork, 3 1/2″ blade and 7 1/2″ overall length – One of the sharpest knives made and they are built in limited numbers. *SOLD*


Michael J. Smith Gladiator

Extremely rare piece from Michael J. Smith and this one is a massive Gladiator that comes with polished scales, titanium bolsters, custom clip and this also has bearings, 4 7/8″ blade and 11 3/8″ overall – Stunning piece from one of todays finest Knifemakers. *SOLD*

Microtech Socom Brass

Mint/Unused Microtech Socom Delta Brass T/E Black Model 163-1BRT with original box, paperwork and soft pouch, 4″ blade and 9″ overall length – These awesome looking limited build Brass Socom’s are solid and built to last a lifetime.  *SOLD*

Reese Weiland “Staple” Karambit

Brand new from Reese Weiland is this Lightweight Carry “Staple” Karambit with it’s Kydex sheath and mini-Tek Loc, 2 1/6″ blade and 4 1/2″ overall – This is designed to mold into your hand in a very compact size but yet be very effective in it’s use ! *SOLD*


Microtech Marfione Custom DOC

Mint condition Microtech Marfione Custom DOC Killswitch Automatic  serial #17 DLC Titanium Frame with Hand Engraved Punisher Skull button and , 4″ DLC blade and 9″ overall – This all murdered out DOC is just a bad ass looking Tactical ! *SOLD*

Benchmade 42

Hard to find and long discontinued from Benchmade is this BM Model 42 Balisong with T-latch and Titanium frame, 4 1/4″ blade and  9 3/16″ blade – These Benchmade Model 42’s are considered to be the ultimate Balisong for flipping.  **SOLD**

Chuck Gedraitis Persian

Chuck Gedraitis Persian Custom Auto with a beautiful Jerry rados Turkish Twist Damascus blade, brass scales, blue anodized Titanium liners and file-work throughout the spine, 4 1/4″ blade and 9 5/8″ overall – Unique and very attractive piece. *SOLD*


BRS Alpha Beast 1.0

Original Mint/Unused BRS Alpha Beast 1.0 Balisong with original box with Titanium frame, 4 1/2″ blade and just under 10″ overall length – One of the most sought after Balisongs out there and a great opportunity to find an unused 1.0 ! *SOLD*

Todd Begg Bodega 2.0

I picked this beauty at the 2016 Blade Show – This is a limited built Todd Begg Bodega 2.0 with the special pierced frame, 3 3/4″ satin finished blade and 9″ overall length – The pierced frame design on this Special Todd Begg Bodega is just awesome looking. *SOLD*

Steel Flame Headhunter

Brand New from the 2016 Blade Show is this Steel Flame Headhunter sterling silver bracelet that’s 8 1/2″ end to end in length – One of the coolest Skull bracelet’s made and designed buy some of the nicest people in the jewelry industry. *SOLD*


Microtech Halo V Custom

Microtech Marfione Halo V Custom that is decked out with a Ball Bearing Damascus blade with matching face plate over the button with hand rubbed handle, Bronzed hardware and a flamed charging handle, 4 5/8″ blade and 10 3/4″ overall – This is a spectacular Piece.  *SOLD*

Spyderco Szabofly

Wild Looking Spyderco Szabofly Balisong that comes with it’s original box, 4 3/16″ blade on these and they are 9 7/8″ overall length – These are long discontinued and a have become very collectable with balisong enthusiasts worldwide.  *SOLD*

Paragon Lee Dagger

Vintage collectable Paragon Lee Dagger with it’s original box and it’s leather sheath, these were made in Seki City Japan, 4 3/8″ blade and 8″ overall length – This would make a Phenomenal fixed blade carry piece and has one wicked sharp tip on it ! *SOLD*


Steel Flame Crescent Sledge Ring

Beyond Cool is this Steel Flame Crescent Ring made of .925 silver and is size 10 – 10.5 – only a very small amount of these bad boy rings have been made and they are just massive but amazingly comfortable to wear due to their construction. *SOLD*

Rockstead Ryo

Brand New from the Maker is this amazing New Rockstead Ryo button lock folder with polished dlc Titanium frame with an ingenious pop-up clip, 3 1/8″ ZDP (67HRC) blade and 7 3/4″ overall – It does’t get much better than this is a Tactical knife ! *SOLD*

Marsh War Hammer

Jeremy Marsh War Hammer Custom Titanium hammer with multi color anodizing and comes with a carbon fiber handle, 5 7/8″ head and just over a foot long – This thing is just off the charts in coolness and a must have for the Marsh collector. *SOLD*


Steven Kelly Scoundrel

Mint/Unused Custom S. K. Knives Stephen Kelly Scoundrel framelock folder with S.K pouch and paperwork, 3 1/4″ blade and 7″ overall length – Killer blade design and handle – this would be the perfect size Tactical for every day carry. *SOLD*

Hom Prodigy Trainer

 Hom Prodigy Balisong trainer with titanium frame that comes with it’s original box and paperwork, 4.1/4″ unsharpened training blade and 9 1/2″ overall length – These are a Limited build and an incredible balisong trainer. *SOLD*

Microtech Vector Auto

Mint / Unused Microtech Vector Auto Model 132-1 all Blacked out with original box, paperwork and pouch with snap, this was made in 2011, 4″ blade and 9″ overall length – These are a bad ass Tactical auto’s – just check out the wild blade on it ! *SOLD*


Starlingear Bracelet

Like New Starlingear Phantom Bracelet that comes with it’s original baggie, felt pouch, with warranty and build card – This heavy awesome piece is the flagship of the Starlingear bracelet’s and will fit up to a 7 1/2″ wrist. (These Phantom’s are $2195 new.) *SOLD*

Randall Knives Smithsonian Bowie

Massive Randall Knives Smithsonian Bowie with brass hilt and pommel with red and black spacers with a black micarta handle and comes with it’s original marked black leather sheath, 11″ blade and 16 3/8″ overall length that’s 3/8″ blade steel – Wow ! *SOLD*

Vintage Emerson Karambit (Hand Ground)

This is from the first run of Emerson Karambit’s and these were “Hand Ground Custom Blades” by Ernie, this one is serial number #57, 2 7/8″ satan blade and 6 3/4″ overall – These don’t come around often and are a sought after Karambit Collectable. *SOLD*