Brend Mamba Experimental Prototype

One of the coolest knives from the 2014 Blade Show is this incredible Pirela designed Walter Brend Mamba Experimental Prototype flipper with CF scales with a Damascus Blade, 3 3/4″ blade and 9 1/4″ overall length – Absolute Perfection by the man himself. *SOLD*

Weiland Trigger Karambit

Just in from Reese Weiland is this Raven Trigger Karambit’s with Rat Worx bearings,Titanium frame and SS Ring, 2 9/16″ blade and 6 1/2″ overall – These are the fastest deploying folding Karambit’s Pocket to a Cut in less than a Second. *SOLD*

RJ Martin Karambit

Rare RJ Martin Karambit Karambit with carbon fiber scales and comes with a Kydex sheath(Weiland Modded), 2 3/4″ blade and 6 1/2″ overall length – this is full length double-edged Karambit in an ultra-lightweight package – Awesome Piece. *SOLD*


Microtech DOC Flipper

Microtech DOC Satin Flipper Model 153-4 that comes with it’s original Microtech box and clear baggie with warranty paperwork, 4″ blade and 9″ overall length – These Microtech DOC’s are solid built flipper’s and just a workhorse of a knife. *SOLD*

Dalton Brass Interrogator – Auto

One of the most sought after Dalton’s ever made – This Solid brass Interrogator knuckles comes with an Automatic Blade that flies out the side, 7″ overall length with blade out – “Double Trouble” is definitely a must have for any Dalton collector. *SOLD*

Hoback Custom OSF (S90V)

Just in from the Maker at the 2014 Blade Show is this Hoback Custom OSF that has upgraded steel (S90V) it comes with a signed box, 3 5/8″ blade and 8 3/4″ overall – This is unequivocally the Rarest and Most Sought After Hoback “Grail Knife”. *SOLD*


Starlingear Kami Bracelet

Large Starlingear Kami Skull Bracelet that was ordered with 2 extra links, this solid and heavy Sterling Silver piece comes with it’s original pouch and also the Starlingear Authenticity card, 9 3/4″ end to end on this one – (Great buy as new Retail is $1500). *SOLD*

Brian Nadeau “Typhoon”

Just in from the 2014 Blade Show is this (Sharper By Design) Brian Nadeau Typhoon tactical Flipper with 4″ blade and 9″ overall length – The “Typhoon” was awarded the honors of the “2104 Blade Show Tactical Knife of the Year” *SOLD*

Popl-Blades Custom (Gudy Van Poppel)

Just in from the 2014 Blade Shoe is the cool flipper by Gudy Van Poppel of Popl blades, all Titanium frame and this also has a carved back-spacer with some Skull’s, 3 7/8″ blade and 9 1/4″ overall – Master Maker who’s now making some Killer Tactical’s. *SOLD*


Aegis Knife Works “Hoplite” Flipper

From the 2014 Blade Show is this cool looking new designed Aegis Knife Works Hoplite Flipper all Titanium construction and comes with a dark wash finished blade, 3 5/8″ blade and 8 1/2″ overall – Excellent design and fantastic fit and finish. SOLD*

Mad Dog ATAK – Pygmy

Mad Dog ATAK – Pygmy fighter that comes with 1/4″ stock and comes with it’s Kydex sheath, 5″ blade and 9 1/2″ overall length – Used by Special Teams and Navy Seals and are probably the most sought after Tactical fixed blade on the planet. *SOLD*

Brian Nadeau Typhoon

Just in from the 2014 Blade Show is this Sharper By Design / Brian Nadeau Typhoon tactical Flipper, 4″ blade and 9″ overall length – Brian not on won the honors of Best New Maker but the “Typhoon” was awarded “2104 Tactical Knife of the Year”. *SOLD*


Steel Flame Guillotine

Steel Flame Guillotine Bracelet with skull’s and Spike center all done in Royal Bronze that comes with it’s Steel Flame pouch, this one is 8 5/8″ overall - Excellent craftsmanship through these fine bracelets and the Royal Bronze one’s are rarely seen. *SOLD*

David Mosier Flipper

This was  a Lottery Knife from the 2014 Blade Show David Mosier IKBS flipper with some cool differential coloring of the Titanium throughout, 4 1/8″ blade and 9 3/8″ overall length – This is Pure Tactical Perfection at it’s Finest !! *SOLD*

David Mosier Custom

David Mosier Custom Survival/Fighter with blue scales with mosaic pins and Skull Crusher butt this also comes with a Kydex sheath (couple light marks from Kydex), 5 1/8″ bade and 10 1/4″ overall length – Great balance on this one and built to last a lifetime. *SOLD*


Microtech Nemesis IV

Microtech Nemesis IV D/E  with a black finished blade, it comes with paperwork, box, bag, 4.2″ blade 10.4″ overall length – These are the top of the line in the Microtech line-up and these fire like a rocket and having the safety is plus for EDC. *SOLD*

Brend Marauder Experimental

From the 2014 Blade Show is this One of a Kind Brend Marauder “Experimental” Prototype that Walter ground just like the original Marauder with some killer ray-skin inlays, 4″ Hand Ground Blade and 9″ overall length – Awesome piece by the man himself. *SOLD*

Horton Fellhoelter FTR

Custom collaboration between Jeremy Horton and Brian Fellhoelter, this one has a micarta scale and titanium bolster and of course Jeremy’s famed hand ground blade, 3 1/2″ blade and 8 3/16″ overall length – Horton/Fellhoelter Grail Knife. *SOLD*


Dwyer Strider Damascus

Dwyer Strider Damascus all Titanium SMF that is really decked out with a Chad Nichol’s Damascus blade with all-Titanium hardware throughout this amazing piece, 4″ blade and 9″ overall length – One of the nicest SMF Custom’s I’ve had on the site. *SOLD*

Michael J. Smith Gladiator

Just in from the bench of Michael J. Smith is this massive Gladiator that comes with polished scales, titanium bolsters, custom clip and this also has bearings, 4 7/8″ blade and 11 3/8″ overall – Stunning piece from one of todays finest KnifeMaker’s. *SOLD*

Microtech Matrix – Full Size

This a the original Fill Size version Microtech Matrix Flipper with carbon fiber scales and a satin finished blade, comes with original box,sleeve and pouch, 3 3/4″ blade and 9″ overall length – These great looking Tactical knives were a very Limited Build. *SOLD*


Alan Folts Custom Tanto

Folts Custom Tanto with red Ray-skin Japanese styled wrapped handle, nice looking pattern in the blade and finished to a satin polish, comes with a kydex sheath, 4 1/2″ blade and 8 1/2″ overall – Exceptional piece done in a mirror satin finish. *SOLD*

Microtech Option II

Pre-owned Microtech Option II with carbon fiber scale with bead-blast finish with original edge and very sharp, 2 7/8″ x 2 1/16″ blade 6 1/4″ overall length – These CC knives have a very large cutting surface and are a dream to carry. *SOLD*

Reese Weiland Karambit

Brand New Reese Weiland standard size Raven Trigger Karambit’s with Rat Worx bearings,Titanium frame and Stainless Ring, 2 9/16″ blade and 6 1/2″ overall length – Fastest deploying folding Karambit’s – Pocket to a Cut in a blink of and eye! *SOLD*


Microtech Troodon D/E

Like-new Microtech Troodon D/E model 138-4 Satin blade Standard edge with all paperwork and original box, 3″ blade and just under 7 3/4″ in overall length – These Troodon’s are a perfect size for everyday carry. *SOLD* (PRE-BLADE SHOW SPECIAL)

Mosier/Lhotak Cassamo

David Mosier and Lhotak collaborated on this awesome looking Tactical called the “Cassamo” I believe only 10 were made, two-tone finished Titanium frame and scale, 3 3/4″ S35vn blade and 8 1/2″ overall – Killer harpoon styled blade. *SOLD*

Warren Thomas Whaleshark

Warren Thomas Whaleshark Custom Flipper with all Titanium construction including the blade with a blue carbon fiber over lay to the blade and and carbon scales, 3 3/4″ blade and 8 9/16″ overall. *SOLD* – (PRE-BLADE SHOW SPECIAL !!)


Fitz Advent Flipper

Fitz Advent Flipper with a Titanium Frame-lock and scale with a perfect thinner profile, 4″ Satin finished blade and 9″ overall length – This is a newer Tactical design from Andy and it’s probably my favorite of his – Great Flipper ! *SOLD*

Neil Blackwood Necker

Large Custom Neil Blackwood Necker with with a cool looking pattern in the blade and it comes with a Kydex sheath, 2 1/2″ cutting surface and just under 6″ in length and 1 5/16″ tall blade !! – Nice quality Custom piece by well known Neil Blackwood. *SOLD*

Mad Dog Frequent Flyer

Mad Dog Knives Custom Frequent Flyer made from carbon fiber, comes with original sheath, 3 7/8″ blade  8″ overall – Made for Special Purpose Personal and are non-magnetic and have become quite collectable the last few years. *SOLD*