Starlingear Bracelet

Custom Starlingear  Link Bracelet with Stealth Skull, comes with Starlingear pouch, 9″ long and weighs in at about a hefty 5 ounces of Sterling Silver – Starlingear is one of the leading edge silver makers out there with some great designs. *SOLD*

Hayes/Weiland Custom

Custom Wally Hayes and Reese Weiland Custom Flipper with a great looking blued hand forged Damascus blade with carbon fiber scales and Titanium bolsters, 4 1/4″ blade and 9 7/8″ overall length – This one is a big one and it’s a nice smooth flipper. *SOLD*

Randers Solvvare RS Silver Bracelet

Nice Vintage Randers Solvvare Silver Bracelet has RS Handmade markings this has their flat sided links design and it’s the heaviest RS I have seen before coming in at 158 grams/ 5.6 ounces of .925 Sterling Silver and it’s 9 3/8″ overall – Nice Big Piece ! *SOLD*


Starlingear Delta Kaze Bracelet

Starlingear Copper Delta Kaze Bracelet with 3 Skull’s in like new condition with build car, Authenticity plate and Starlingear pouch, 9 3/8″ length end to end and weighs in at 137 grams/ just under 5 oz. – Great looking piece by Starlingear. *SOLD*

Fellhoelter ECS Custom

Brian Fellhoelter Custom ECS Tanto with retention system, micarta scales, near mint with some light marks on the flats, 4 1/8″ to the scales and 8 5/16″ overall – Cool new design and never have to worry about the knife slipping out of the sheath. *SOLD*

Busse HG-55 Military Overrun

Busse Combat HG-55 Military Overrun with textured scales and the original cardboard sleeve and camo patterned blade, 5 3/4″ Infi blade and 11″ overall length and .250 thick – Great looking Military fighter and these were a limited build. *SOLD*


RJ Martin Rottweiler

Very Cool RJ Martin Rottweiler Custom fixed blade – this is an absolute Tank of a knife as the weigh in just under (9 oz.) and it’s 5/16″ thick, comes with a Kydex sheath –  2 5/8″ blade and 5 5/8″ overall length – This compact beast of a knife is just awesome. *SOLD*

Suchat Jangtanong Flipper

Suchat Jangtanong Flipper with sculpted Damascus bolsters and a Damascus blade with colored Titanium liners and clip, 3 7/16″ blade and 7 7/8″ overall – There is a lot of nice hand detail work in Suchat’s knives and this would be a great EDC. *SOLD*

William Henry B30 Saturn

New William Henry B30 Saturn Limited Edition with blue Sapphire inlays and electric blue accents that comes in a beautiful presentation box, 3″ ZDP-89 Steel and 7″ overall – As always with Henry’s their finely finished and exceptional knives. *SOLD*


Reese Weiland “One Off”

Reese Weiland Trigger “One of a Kind” Custom build XL Trigger Karambit with a Killer Timascus Scale and Timascus clip, 3 1/4″ hand sanded blade and 7 1/2″ overall – Fastest deploying folding Karambit design and this is the “Ultimate” Trigger Karambit *SOLD*

Original Piranha Excalibur Auto

Original Piranha Excalibur OTF with the silver body and comes with a “Mirror Polished” blade as well the original box and pouch from Piranha, 3 3/16″ blade and 8″ overall – this is New/ Unused an these original Piranha’s have an excellent action. *SOLD*

Emerson Regiment

This is brand new ECA Limited Built Emerson Regiment Tactical folder serial #88 with box and paperwork, 3 7/8″ blade and 9 1/8″ overall length – This is a beefy piece and Ernie did a great job designing this Bowie bladed tactical. *SOLD*


Reese Weiland T- Raven

Reese Weiland Raven Trigger Karambit with an all Titanium construction and the new Rat Worx Bearing system, 2 1/2″ hand sanded 154CM blade and 6 3/8″ overall length – Fastest deploying folding Karambit from your pocket to your intended CUT. *SOLD*

Reese Weiland Slash

This fall’s in the “Ultimate” category in the Slash line-up with a Killer Timascus scale and Custom Timascus clip and finished out with a mirror polished blade, 3 3/4″ blade and 9 1/4″ overall length – This is probably the Nicest Slash made to date ! *SOLD*

Microtech Troodon D/E

Brand new Microtech Troodon D/E model 138-6 Satin Full Serrated with all paperwork and original box, 3″ blade and just under 7 3/4″ in overall length – One of the most popular Microtech and great for use as an EDC “Out-the-Front” automatic’s. *SOLD*


Reese Weiland T- Raven

Weiland Raven Trigger Karambit with an all Titanium construction with the Rat Worx Bearing system, 2 1/2″ hand sanded Blued Damascus blade and 6 3/8″ overall – Fastest deploying folding Karambit and the Damascus blade is dam sexy and sharp *SOLD*

Kershaw Onion Offset Limited Edition

Kershaw Onion Offset Limited Edition (Model 1597) comes with the original box and paperwork and disc, 4″ black blade and 8 7/8″ overall length – These Limited Edition Onion Designs are built like a tank and open as fast as many Automatic’s. *SOLD*

Jimmy Lile Deathwind

Very nice and quite Rare Vintage Jimmy Lile Deathwind serial #136 with Dot that comes with it’s brown leather sheath and black micarta scales, 6″ blade and 11″ overall length – Definitely one of Jimmy Lile’s best designed fighter’s. *SOLD*


Emerson XMAS Mini-Commander

Rare (Only 4 were made) Emerson Mini-Commander CF very limited edition with Carbon Fiber scales that’s brand new in the original box with all Emerson paperwork, 3 3/8″ blade and 8″ overall – This was from Emerson’s 2013 Christmas Limited Run. *SOLD*

Warren Thomas Custom

Warren Thomas Custom friction folder with carbon fiber scales and a Titanium blade with warren’s wild patterning and the edge is carbonized, 2 9/16″ blade and 6 1/4″ overall length – Weighs nothing and would be a dream knife for daily carry. *SOLD*

Reese Weiland Slash CT

Brand Spankin New Reese Weiland Slash CT with a new Tanto design blade that .208 in thickness with .165 Titanium frame, 3″ blade and 7 7/8″ overall length – These came out awesome and perfect for people living in 3″ restricted areas for legal carry. *SOLD*


Ray Cover Large Trapper

Outstanding Ray Cover Trapper 2 bladed slipjoint with some killer Stag handles with polished bolsters, 2 – 3 1/8″ ATS-34 Stainless blades and 7 3/8″ overall - The fit and finish on Ray’s knives is exceptional and the blades have a nice solid snap them. *SOLD*

Farid K2 (CPM REX 121)

Ultra Rare Farid Mehr K2 Custom Build Tactical made out of the Incredible (REX 121) Super Steel with a Titanium Frame and stand-off, 4 1/2″ blade and 10″ overall length – Only 20 of these Bad Boy’s were made and this one is in Mint/New condition. *SOLD*

Reese Weiland Slash

Brand New Reese Weiland Slash Flipper with the Rat Worx bearing system, these have a .165 Ti Scale and frame-lock and .188 blade, 3 3/4″ hand sanded blade and 9 1/4″ overall length – These flip like an absolute dream ! *SOLD*