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Weiland HD Battle Baton

Reese Weiland HD Battle Baton made out of “A2 steel” with a Delron shaft (original Battle Batons were aluminum) and is 18 1/4″ overall – Only 2 were made  and a “Pure Wrecking Machine” ! *SOLD*

Chris Reeve “Al Mar “

Extremely Rare 1989 Vintage Chris Reeve “Al Mar” Collaboration integral knife serial #89 comes with it’s original box and build card, 5 9/16″ blade and 10 1/8″ overall – These rarely come up for sale. *SOLD*

Chris Reeve Mountaineer I

Chris Reeve Mountaineer I Integral with it’s original box, paperwork and black leather sheath, 4 3/8″ blade and 8 1/8″ overall length – Great all purpose knife and very hard to find. *SOLD*


Melvin Lozada Custom

New from Melvin Lozada Custom “Bird and Trout” styled hunter with beautiful spacers and a very nice spalted maple handle, 3 1/4″ blade and 7 1/2″ overall – Nice looking compact hunter. *SOLD*

Kiku Matsuda Custom Necker

Kiku Matsuda Custom with some cool looking patterning in the steel and this skeletonized handle also comes with a Kydex sheath, 2 3/4″ blade and 6″ in overall – Nice lightweight piece and the perfect necker. *SOLD*

Doug Stice Necker

Stice Necker Necker serial #40 done in a Japanese style with cord wrap handle over Maroon Ray-skin and Kydex sheath, 2 3/4″ 154cm blade to the wrap and 6 1/2″ overall – Thick and well built Custom Necker. *SOLD*


Wally Hayes Custom #01

Wally Hayes Custom Hawksbill serial #01 with a Dragon Menuki and Japanese style wrapped handle and a Ray-skin sheath, 3 7/8 to the Handle wrap and 6 5/8″ overall – Wally Hayes is an ABS Master Knife Maker. *SOLD*

Custom Folts Minimalist

Custom Folts Minimalist Necker with “Mirror Polished” bevels and swedge with some cool scales and a Kydex sheath, 2 1/8″ blade and 5 1/8″ in overall – Super light weight Necker and feels great in the hand. *SOLD*

Rockstead Chou DLC

New from the New York Knife Show is this Rockstead Chou DLC fixed blade that comes with it’s sheath, paperwork and pouch, 2″ YXR-7 blade and 4 13/16″ overall – The ultimate necker in sharpeness. *SOLD*


Phil Rose PSK-5

Phil Rose PSK-5 (Practical Survival Knife) that come with a BSM/Striker fire-starter, moon glow lanyard end and this one has green micarta scales, 3 3/16″ to the scales and 6 1/2″ overall length – These are very hard to find Survival knives. *SOLD*

Folts Minimalist Custom

This is a Custom Folts Minimalist Necker with “Mirror Polished” bevels and hammered flats with Emergency Orange scales and comes with a Kydex sheath – has some Kydex marks, 2 1/8″ blade and 5 1/8″ in overall length – Super lightweight Necker. *SOLD*

RJ Martin Rottweiler

RJ Martin Rottweiler Custom that’s an absolute Tank of a knife as it weighs over (8 oz !) and it’s over “3/8” thick, with a Kydex sheath, 2 5/8″ blade and 5 5/8″ overall – These Rottweiler’s are so friggin cool and virtually indestructible and extremely sharp. *SOLD*


Kiku Matsuda Ring Pikal

Kiku Matsuda compact Pikal style ring fighter that has Kiku’s wild etched patter and this one is made out of super-steel OU-31, this also comes with a kydex sheath, 2 9/16″ cutting surface and 6″ overall length – Great looking piece by Kiku. *SOLD*

Microtech Marfione Custom Assailant

Microtech Marfione Custom Assailant Credit Card knife made in 08/2006 and is serial #103 that comes with its original box and with it’s carry wallet, 3 5/16″ long x 2 1/8″ tall – These Marfione CC knives are just a cool looking Microtech collectable. *SOLD*

Rick Barrett Tanto

Rick Rick Barrett Custom Knives Japanese Tanto with Ray-skin under cord wrapped handle and comes with one of Rick’s kydex sheath’s that are lined to protect the blade, 5 5/8″ to the handle and 8 15/16″ overall – Really cool looking piece ! *SOLD*


Bob Lum Custom

One of a Kind Bob Lum Custom and this one is absolutely decked out with Elephant Ivory handles, stainless bolsters, tapered tang and some beautiful file -work and comes with it’s leather sheath, 4 5/16″ blade and 8 5/8″ overall – Lum Perfection. *SOLD*

Chris Reeve Aviator (OD-Green)

Vintage and extremely Rare OD Green variation of the Chris Reeve Aviator with original box,leather sheath and paperwork including build card, 4 1/4″ blade and 8 1/4″ overall – These Integral’s have not been made in years are are quite collectable. *SOLD*

Phil Hartsfield Sr. Kwaiken

Phil Hartsfield Sr.(Deceased) Large Kwaiken/Tanto with Japanese styled cord wrap and comes with it’s lined sheath, 5 1/2″ blade and 9 3/4″ overall – Phil was a legend in the knife-world and this Tanto looks like it could of left his bench yesterday. *SOLD*


Mission MPK Ti-12 (NAVY EODTD Issued)

This is an “Actual” issued all Titanium Mission MPK Ti-12 (EODTD) This is 1/4″ thick and the blade length is 7 1/4″ and the overall is 12″ – This was tested and meets the Navy Explosive Ordnance Disposal Technology Division (Blade and Sheath marked). *SOLD*

Ricky Fowler Custom

Guild Member Ricky Fowler Custom Knives fighter with an antique etched finish with California Buckeye handles with Mosaic pins and a nice leather sheath and all documentation, 6″ 01 – Tool Steel blade and 10.75″ overall – Really nice tradition custom. *SOLD*

Custom Burger Cane Sword

This is a Custom order Burger Cane Sword with extensive Hand Engraving throughout, comes with a Burger case, 18″ blade and 35″ overall – Impressive Custom piece by Burger. $


Mad Dog ATAK – Pygmy

Mad Dog ATAK – Pygmy fighter that comes with 1/4″ stock and comes with it’s Kydex sheath, 5″ blade and 9 1/2″ overall length – Used by Special Teams and Navy Seals and are probably the most sought after Tactical fixed blade on the planet. *SOLD*

David Mosier Custom

David Mosier Custom Survival/Fighter with blue scales with mosaic pins and Skull Crusher butt this also comes with a Kydex sheath (couple light marks from Kydex), 5 1/8″ bade and 10 1/4″ overall length – Great balance on this one and built to last a lifetime. *SOLD*

Alan Folts Custom Tanto

Folts Custom Tanto with red Ray-skin Japanese styled wrapped handle, nice looking pattern in the blade and finished to a satin polish, comes with a kydex sheath, 4 1/2″ blade and 8 1/2″ overall – Exceptional piece done in a mirror satin finish. *SOLD*


Neil Blackwood Necker

Large Custom Neil Blackwood Necker with with a cool looking pattern in the blade and it comes with a Kydex sheath, 2 1/2″ cutting surface and just under 6″ in length and 1 5/16″ tall blade !! – Nice quality Custom piece by well known Neil Blackwood. *SOLD*

Mad Dog Frequent Flyer

Mad Dog Knives Custom Frequent Flyer made from carbon fiber, comes with original sheath, 3 7/8″ blade  8″ overall – Made for Special Purpose Personal and are non-magnetic and have become quite collectable the last few years. *SOLD*

Graham Razel Custom

Custom Graham Razel (2 sharpened edges) that comes with 5 Mosaic pins and a leather pocket sheath with Ray-skin outer layer, 1 3/8″ blade and 4″ in overall length – This thing is so friggin cool looking and great compact package with a beautiful sheath. *SOLD*