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Reese Weiland Hell Necker

Just in from Reese Weiland are these Hell Necker’s – Titanium frame that’s cord wrapped, removable arrow broad-headand these come with a Kydex sheath, 6 1/2″ overall length – CAUTION MUST BE USED WITH THESE AS THEY ARE RAZOR SHARP ! *SOLD*

Burnley Slingpop Slingshot

Lucas Burnley Slingpop Slingshot that’s Bronze anodized and comes with it’s original box, shop towel, extra tubing, SS bee-bee’s and sticker, This Limited Edition Slingpop is just a Bad Ass Piece and brings back some of my childhood memories. *SOLD*

Strider/ Sheila Dwyer Custom

Strider/ Sheila Dwyer Custom knife with a killer stainless Damascus blade with carbon fiber scales and also comes with it’s Kydex sheath, 3 1/4″ blade that’s 1 3/4″ wide and 6 3/4″ overall length – Very cool looking quaility piece that feels great in the hand. *SOLD*


Mad Dog Texas Hunter

New/Unused and extremely rare Mad Dod Texas Hunter with VVTL that comes with both sheaths, 5 1/2″ hard chromed blade and 10 1/8″ overall length – These are the most sought after Tactical Fixed blades on the planet ! *SOLD*

D’ Alton Holder

Mint and Beautiful D’ Alton Holder custom fixed blade with Mammoth scales and a very nice leather sheath that’s well decorated, 2 1/8″ blade and 6 1/8″ overall length – this mirror polished piece would be an absolute dream knife to carry. *SOLD*

Weiland Battle Baton – HD

Reese Weiland HD Battle Baton made out of “A2 steel” with a Delron shaft (Standard Battle Batons were aluminum). This Steel one is 17 1/2″ overall – Only a few of these nearly 3 pound HD Baton  “Pure Wrecking Machine’s” have been made. *SOLD*


Al Mar Warrior “Camo”

This is the Rarest of all the Al Mar Warrior’s – This “Camo” comes with it’s Al Mar black leather sheath, 7 1/8″ satin blade and 13 1/2″ overall length – This Al Mar Warrior “Camo” is in like new condition and the first one I have ever had on the site. *SOLD*

Trace Rinaldi Custom

Trace Rinaldi Custom Fixed blade with black scales with Mosaic pins and comes with it’s Kydex sheath with Tek-Lok – has many fine scratches, 4 1/2″ blade and 9 1/8″ overall length – Trace’s knives don’t come around often for sale. *SOLD*

Beck WSK Custom

Beck WSK “Wilderness Survival Knife made famous from the movie “The Hunted”, This one has a satin finish with black handles and comes with it’s heavy black leather sheath, 6 1/2″ blade and 12 1/2″ overall length – The ultimate Survival Knife. *SOLD*


Reese Weiland Pocket Spike

Just in are these cool looking Reese Weiland Pocket Spike’s made of Titanium and hand ground with cord wrap handles and a lanyard with skull, these have removable arrow heads and this one is a target head – 5″ overall. *ALL SOLD*

Al Mar Warrior Black

 Extremely Rare Original Al Mar Warrior “Black” with it’s Al Mar marked black leather sheath, paperwork, knife sleeve and original box, 7 1/8″ satin blade and 13 1/2″ overall length – This Al Mar Warrior Black looks like it was made yesterday. *SOLD*

Al Mar Warrior

Absolutely stunning Original Al Mar Warrior with it’s Al Mar marked black leather sheath, paperwork, knife sleeve and original box, 7 1/8″ satin blade and 13 1/2″ overall length – This is the finest example I have had on the site to date. *SOLD*


Shiva Ki Spirit

Extremely Rare Shiva Ki Spirit Take-Down Fighter with cord wrap over Ray-skin and wood handle with nickel guard and Sheath, this Large Spirit has a 9″ blade and is just over 17″ in overall length – These Cutting Machine’s are RAZOR Sharp. *SOLD*

Hinderer Ti Kubaton Deluxe Set

New Rick Hinderer Bronze Titanium Kubaton Deluxe Set with all it’s accessories that comes with it’s pelican case with water seal and all your choice of easy to change attachments – I really like the Bronze Anodizing on this Kubaton. *SOLD*

RJ Martin Fighter

RJ Martin Fighter with green micarta scales and comes with it’s Kydex sheath with belt loop, has kydex rubs on the blade, 5″ blade and 9 3/4″ overall length – These RJ Martin Fighter’s rarely come up for sale. *SOLD*


Weiland HD Battle Baton

Reese Weiland HD Battle Baton made out of “A2 steel” with a Delron shaft (original Battle Batons were aluminum) and is 18 1/4″ overall – Only 2 were made  and a “Pure Wrecking Machine” ! *SOLD*

Chris Reeve “Al Mar “

Extremely Rare 1989 Vintage Chris Reeve “Al Mar” Collaboration integral knife serial #89 comes with it’s original box and build card, 5 9/16″ blade and 10 1/8″ overall – These rarely come up for sale. *SOLD*

Chris Reeve Mountaineer I

Chris Reeve Mountaineer I Integral with it’s original box, paperwork and black leather sheath, 4 3/8″ blade and 8 1/8″ overall length – Great all purpose knife and very hard to find. *SOLD*


Melvin Lozada Custom

New from Melvin Lozada Custom “Bird and Trout” styled hunter with beautiful spacers and a very nice spalted maple handle, 3 1/4″ blade and 7 1/2″ overall – Nice looking compact hunter. *SOLD*

Kiku Matsuda Custom Necker

Kiku Matsuda Custom with some cool looking patterning in the steel and this skeletonized handle also comes with a Kydex sheath, 2 3/4″ blade and 6″ in overall – Nice lightweight piece and the perfect necker. *SOLD*

Doug Stice Necker

Stice Necker Necker serial #40 done in a Japanese style with cord wrap handle over Maroon Ray-skin and Kydex sheath, 2 3/4″ 154cm blade to the wrap and 6 1/2″ overall – Thick and well built Custom Necker. *SOLD*


Wally Hayes Custom #01

Wally Hayes Custom Hawksbill serial #01 with a Dragon Menuki and Japanese style wrapped handle and a Ray-skin sheath, 3 7/8 to the Handle wrap and 6 5/8″ overall – Wally Hayes is an ABS Master Knife Maker. *SOLD*

Custom Folts Minimalist

Custom Folts Minimalist Necker with “Mirror Polished” bevels and swedge with some cool scales and a Kydex sheath, 2 1/8″ blade and 5 1/8″ in overall – Super light weight Necker and feels great in the hand. *SOLD*

Rockstead Chou DLC

New from the New York Knife Show is this Rockstead Chou DLC fixed blade that comes with it’s sheath, paperwork and pouch, 2″ YXR-7 blade and 4 13/16″ overall – The ultimate necker in sharpeness. *SOLD*


Phil Rose PSK-5

Phil Rose PSK-5 (Practical Survival Knife) that come with a BSM/Striker fire-starter, moon glow lanyard end and this one has green micarta scales, 3 3/16″ to the scales and 6 1/2″ overall length – These are very hard to find Survival knives. *SOLD*

Folts Minimalist Custom

This is a Custom Folts Minimalist Necker with “Mirror Polished” bevels and hammered flats with Emergency Orange scales and comes with a Kydex sheath – has some Kydex marks, 2 1/8″ blade and 5 1/8″ in overall length – Super lightweight Necker. *SOLD*

RJ Martin Rottweiler

RJ Martin Rottweiler Custom that’s an absolute Tank of a knife as it weighs over (8 oz !) and it’s over “3/8” thick, with a Kydex sheath, 2 5/8″ blade and 5 5/8″ overall – These Rottweiler’s are so friggin cool and virtually indestructible and extremely sharp. *SOLD*


Kiku Matsuda Ring Pikal

Kiku Matsuda compact Pikal style ring fighter that has Kiku’s wild etched patter and this one is made out of super-steel OU-31, this also comes with a kydex sheath, 2 9/16″ cutting surface and 6″ overall length – Great looking piece by Kiku. *SOLD*

Microtech Marfione Custom Assailant

Microtech Marfione Custom Assailant Credit Card knife made in 08/2006 and is serial #103 that comes with its original box and with it’s carry wallet, 3 5/16″ long x 2 1/8″ tall – These Marfione CC knives are just a cool looking Microtech collectable. *SOLD*

Rick Barrett Tanto

Rick Rick Barrett Custom Knives Japanese Tanto with Ray-skin under cord wrapped handle and comes with one of Rick’s kydex sheath’s that are lined to protect the blade, 5 5/8″ to the handle and 8 15/16″ overall – Really cool looking piece ! *SOLD*


Bob Lum Custom

One of a Kind Bob Lum Custom and this one is absolutely decked out with Elephant Ivory handles, stainless bolsters, tapered tang and some beautiful file -work and comes with it’s leather sheath, 4 5/16″ blade and 8 5/8″ overall – Lum Perfection. *SOLD*

Chris Reeve Aviator (OD-Green)

Vintage and extremely Rare OD Green variation of the Chris Reeve Aviator with original box,leather sheath and paperwork including build card, 4 1/4″ blade and 8 1/4″ overall – These Integral’s have not been made in years are are quite collectable. *SOLD*

Phil Hartsfield Sr. Kwaiken

Phil Hartsfield Sr.(Deceased) Large Kwaiken/Tanto with Japanese styled cord wrap and comes with it’s lined sheath, 5 1/2″ blade and 9 3/4″ overall – Phil was a legend in the knife-world and this Tanto looks like it could of left his bench yesterday. *SOLD*


Mission MPK Ti-12 (NAVY EODTD Issued)

This is an “Actual” issued all Titanium Mission MPK Ti-12 (EODTD) This is 1/4″ thick and the blade length is 7 1/4″ and the overall is 12″ – This was tested and meets the Navy Explosive Ordnance Disposal Technology Division (Blade and Sheath marked). *SOLD*

Ricky Fowler Custom

Guild Member Ricky Fowler Custom Knives fighter with an antique etched finish with California Buckeye handles with Mosaic pins and a nice leather sheath and all documentation, 6″ 01 – Tool Steel blade and 10.75″ overall – Really nice tradition custom. *SOLD*

Custom Burger Cane Sword

This is a Custom order Burger Cane Sword with extensive Hand Engraving throughout, comes with a Burger case, 18″ blade and 35″ overall – Impressive Custom piece by Burger. $


Mad Dog ATAK – Pygmy

Mad Dog ATAK – Pygmy fighter that comes with 1/4″ stock and comes with it’s Kydex sheath, 5″ blade and 9 1/2″ overall length – Used by Special Teams and Navy Seals and are probably the most sought after Tactical fixed blade on the planet. *SOLD*

David Mosier Custom

David Mosier Custom Survival/Fighter with blue scales with mosaic pins and Skull Crusher butt this also comes with a Kydex sheath (couple light marks from Kydex), 5 1/8″ bade and 10 1/4″ overall length – Great balance on this one and built to last a lifetime. *SOLD*

Alan Folts Custom Tanto

Folts Custom Tanto with red Ray-skin Japanese styled wrapped handle, nice looking pattern in the blade and finished to a satin polish, comes with a kydex sheath, 4 1/2″ blade and 8 1/2″ overall – Exceptional piece done in a mirror satin finish. *SOLD*