Steel Flame Crescent Sledge

Awesome Steel Flame Crescent Sledge Silver Bracelet that comes in just under 8 oz., It comes with it’s SF pouch, This has extra removable links so it will a larger wrist as it’s 9 1/2″ overall – Newer design from Steel Flame and the Flagship of their bracelets. *SOLD*

Walter Brend Marauder

Walter Brend Marauder M2 with an all Titanium frame and this one has a “Hand Ground” blade done in a nice satin finish, 4″ blade and 8 7/8″ overall – Ultra smooth opening knife that has bearings and there is no better Tactical knife for the money on the planet. $550

Steel Flame Bronze Necklace

Steel Flame Royal Bronze Necklace or can be used as a Wallet chain, This one comes with it’s leather Steel Flame bag with SF dog tag, 18 1/8″ from length to length – This Royal Bronze Steel Flame piece has a really cool look to it and comfortable to wear. $595


Reese Weiland XL Karambit

Brand New Reese Weiland XL Raven Trigger Karambit with a new “Fatty” oversized Titanium frame with the Rat Worx Bearing’s, 3 1/4″blade and and 7 1/2″ overall – These are just Wicked and the fastest blade forward deploying folding Karambit made. *SOLD*

Tom Krein Gitano (G6)

This was the Lottery Knife from “The USN Gathering” – This awesome Tom Krein Gitano with IKBS done in a dark bronze finish on the frame and clip and a dark stonewashed blade, 4 5/16″ blade and 9 3/4″ overall length – This is a rare and spectacular piece. $1095

Weiland Slash CT Bowie

Just in from Reese Weiland is this Custom Slash CT “Bowie” Flipper that Reese Mirror polished – this one was made for myself and the blade is a 1/4″ longer than usual, 3 1/4″ blade and 8 1/16″ overall length – Check out the Mirror Polish on this One-off CT Bowie *SOLD*


Burn Knives Razor Custom

Paul Panak of Burn Knives Skull Razor Custom Out The Front with a Stainless Steel body and a Killer Mirror Polished Double Edged Blade done in a Skull theme with engraving, 4 1/2″ blade and 10″ overall length – One of the finest OTF’s ever made. *SOLD*

Microtech Marfione Custom Assailant

Microtech Marfione Custom Assailant Credit Card knife made in 08/2006 and is serial #103 that comes with its original box and with it’s carry wallet, 3 5/16″ long x 2 1/8″ tall – These Marfione CC knives are just a cool looking Microtech collectable. *SOLD*

Aaron Harris Mantis

Custom Aaron Harris Mantis Tactical folder (I believe only 25 of these were made) and it is a massive piece, 4 1/4″ blade and 9 3/4″ overall length and Thick ! - These are hardcore Tactical’s folders that should last a lifetime and rarely come up for sale. $595


Weiland XL Trigger Karambit

Just finished – Reese Weiland XL Raven Trigger Karambit with a new “Fatty” oversized Titanium frame with the Rat Worx Bearing’s, 3 1/4″ hand sanded 154CM blade and 7 1/2″ overall – Fastest deploying folding Karambit from your pocket to a cut. *SOLD*

Microtech Select-Fire D/A

Microtech Select-Fire D/A Double Action Automatic Model 128-2 that comes with it’s original box,sheath, papers and Select-fire Tool, 3 3/4″ blade and 9″ overall length – Great Microtech D/A Knife Design and these have become extremely sought after. $450

Popl-Blades Flipper

Brand New from the Maker is this Tactical flipper with Bearings by Popl-Blade’s Gudy Van Poppel from the Netherlands, 3 1/2″ N690 blade and 8 3/8″ overall length – Fantastic Tactical design by Gudy and this knife just molds right into your hand. $695


Microtech Makora II

These just came in – The new Microtech makora II out the front automatic’s with carbon fiber inserts in the body, 4 3/8″ satin finished blade and 10 5/8″ overall length – These are the largest Double Action OTF Automatic’s that Microtech has ever offered. *SOLD*

Medford Knives TFF-1

New Medford Knives TFF-1 Tactical folder with Coyote Tan scales and black oxide D2 blade that comes with it’s box, hard case, dog tags and paperwork, 4″ blade and 9 1/2″ overall length – These are built with hard use in mind and should last a lifetime. $525

Microtech Combat Troodon

Microtech Troodon S/E “All Blacked Tactical Model” 143-1T New in box, pouch with papers, 3.8″ stainless blade and 9.5″ overall length – these Combat models are a large double action out the front and this Tactical is a Hardcore OTF. *SOLD*


Rick Barrett Tanto

Rick Rick Barrett Custom Knives Japanese Tanto with Ray-skin under cord wrapped handle and comes with one of Rick’s kydex sheath’s that are lined to protect the blade, 5 5/8″ to the handle and 8 15/16″ overall – Really cool looking piece ! *SOLD*

Melvin Lozada Custom

Brand New from Melvin Lozada Custom “Bird and Trout” styled hunter with beautiful spacers and a very nice spalted maple handle, 3 1/4″ blade and 7 1/2″ overall – Melvin is consistently improving his skills and designs while being guided by Reese Weiland. $195

Bob Lum Custom

One of a Kind Bob Lum Custom and this one is absolutely decked out with Elephant Ivory handles, stainless bolsters, tapered tang and some beautiful file -work and comes with it’s leather sheath, 4 5/16″ blade and 8 5/8″ overall – Lum Perfection. *SOLD*


Jeff VanderMuelen Homicide

Mint Jeff VanderMuelen Double Homicide Custom Flipper with Hamon pattern and a massive Titanium scale and frame-lock, cool looking clip design that follows the frame, 4 1/4″ blade and 10 1/2″ overall. This is a beast of a knife and one Wicked blade *SOLD*

Benchmade Gold 51-121 Bali

New Benchmade Gold Class 51-121 Balisong Morpho (Serial #13 of only 75 made) Original box,paperwork, leather pouch and build card, 4 1/4″ Delbert Ealy Damascus Blade and 9 1/3″ overall – One of the Finest Gold Class Balisong’s (Retail is $1800). *SOLD*

Weiland Monster Slash

Just finished a couple days ago is this Reese Weiland Monster Slash Flipper with bearings with extra thick Titanium scale and Frame-lock and of course the “Fatty Blade”, 3 3/4″ (3/8″ thick) blade and 9 1/4″ overall – This is an absolute Wrecking Machine. *SOLD*


ZT 0888 (S110V)

Brand New Condition ZT 0888 with a composite blade with a S110V edge and 14c28n spine with it’s original box and padded baggie, 3 3/4″ blade and 9 1/8″ overall – Beautifully designed throughout this ZT0888 Tactical and the Finest ZT knife ever made. *SOLD*

Chris Reeve Aviator (OD-Green)

Vintage and extremely Rare OD Green variation of the Chris Reeve Aviator with original box,leather sheath and paperwork including build card, 4 1/4″ blade and 8 1/4″ overall – These Integral’s have not been made in years are are quite collectable. *SOLD*

Early Microtech Scarab

Early Microtech Scarab Tanto (Model 112-1) with a sterile two tone blade that comes with it’s original box, sheath and paperwork, 3 1/2″ blade and 8 3/4″ overall – Fires like a rocket with a nice snug blade and one of Microtech’s best OTF designs. *SOLD*


Todd Begg IKBS Civilian MIG

Mint Todd Begg IKBS Civilian MIG flipper with Tan scales with thick liners all in a stonewash finish, 3 3/4″ stainless steel blade and 9″ overall length – These are well built tactical flipper’s and would be perfect for a larger every day carry knife. *SOLD*

Microtech Combat Troodon

Brand New production Microtech Combat Troodon model 142-10 that comes with original box,box and papers, 3 7/8″ blade and 9 1/2″ overall length – One of the more popular and best designed large EDC’s in the Microtech line-up. *SOLD*

Emerson Knives NSAR

Emerson Knives Model NSAR (Navy Search and Rescue) that were sold to the Military and are a very interesting knife that comes with a non-labeled Emerson box with paperwork, 3 5/8″ blade 8 3/8″ overall – One of the best Utility/EMS knives. *SOLD*


Patrick Doyle “Ti Frames”

Custom Patrick Doyle “Ti Frames” folder that has a cool looking “Hammered/Textured Finish” throughout the frame and pivot and clip, 3 7/8″ CTS-XHP Blade and 8 3/4″ overall length – This is a solid well built Tactical piece by a hot new maker. *SOLD*

Microtech Custom Combat Troodon

A. Marfione Microtech Custom Combat Troodon with Devin Thomas Polished Razor Wire Damascus and a full carbon fiber body with satin finished screws, 3 7/8″ blade and 9 1/2″ overall lengthOne of the rarest A. Marfione Customs and it’s just Killer !! *SOLD*

ZT 0888

Zt 0888 flipper with a composite blade with a S110V edge and 14c28n spine that comes with it’s original box,paperwork and padded baggie, 3 3/4″ blade and 9 1/8″ overall – Finest ZT knife ever made and one of the most sought after tactical’s on the planet. *SOLD*