Reese Weiland Slash Hybrid

Just in from Reese Weiland is this Timascus Slash Hybrid flipper with a mirror polished blade and a custom Timascus clip, 3 3/4″ (.250 blade) and 9 1/4″ overall length – This is one of only two Weiland Slash Timascus Hybrid’s and it’s just an incredible looking piece. *SOLD*

Starlingear Phantom

Like new Starlingear Phantom Bracelet made of .925 Sterling Silver that comes with it’s original baggie, felt pouch, with warranty and build card – This heavy and awesome piece is the flagship of the Starlingear bracelet’s and will fit up to a 7 1/2″ wrist. $1595

Reese Weiland Fatty Tanto

Reese Weiland Fatty Tanto Prototype with it’s .383 (3/8″ Blade !!) and it’s massive Titanium frame, 3 3/4″ Fatty blade and 9 1/4″ overall length – This is one of the coolest looking Slash variation’s done to date ! I’m doing a small run of these  – **SOLD OUT**


Sergey Rogovets Model 13

Brand New Sergey Rogovets Tactical Flipper Model 13 that comes with it’s paperwork, pouch and Pelican hard case, 3 3/4″ blade and 8 3/4″ overall – Quality built Tactical flipper (there is a very long wait to get one of these direct from the Maker). $1095

Helberg CH1 SS Diving Watch

Helberg CH1 SS Diving Watch with hard case, build card, extra links and tools, this has a swiss ETA 2824-2 Automatic Movement – Build like a Tank and depth rated to “6000 Meters / 19685 Feet”. ($1500 New) Great opportunity to save BIG ! $895 – Sale Priced !

Warren Thomas M19

New/Unused Warren Thomas M19 folder with OD Green scale and OD green G10/bronzed Titanium laminated blade with a bronze anodizedTitanium frame-lock, 4 3/16″ blade and 9 1/2″ overall – amazingly light for it’s size and would make a great EDC. $450


Jurgen Schanz Tactical

Beautiful Jurgen Schanz Large Tactical folder with Timascus overlay and Timascus clip with an awesome looking Damasteel blade and anodized frame, 4 13/16″ blade !! and 10 3/8″ overall – This Jurgen Schanz is a Stunning Piece of Tactical Art. $895 – SALE PRICE !!

Starlingear Slickster Puncher Ring

Starlingear Slickster Puncher size Sterling Silver .925 (size 11-11.25) ring that comes with it’s Starlingear build card and Starlingear authenticity card – These are the largest of the Starlingear rings and are the Ultimate in Big Bling !! ($650 New) $395 – Sale Priced !

Willumsen Damascus Dagger

Custom Willumsen Damascus Frame-lock Dagger Flipper with a Killer Damascus double-edged blade and damascus bolster, 4 5/8″ blade and 10 1/4″ overall length – Rare tactical flipper with an awesome looking SS Damascus blade ! $750


Warren Thomas Custom SS

Warren Thomas SS Model 2.5 folder with a Rare stainless steel blade and it’s black scale with Warren’s wild color anodizing pattern on the frame-lock, 3 1/4″ blade and 7 5/8″ overall length – A killer blade design and the perfect size Tactical for daily carry. $450

Shirogorov Tabargan 100NS

Shirogorov Tabargan 100NS with Black G10 scales with it’s axis styled locking system that comes with it’s original box and paperwork, 4 1/16″ blade and 9 1/8″ overall length – This is a Heavily built Tactical folder and has a butter smooth action. $750

Fellhoelter FLG

Mint Brian Fellhoelter FLG Tactical Frame-lock folder with green inlay with satin presentation side and stonewash lock-side with a two tone blade, 3 1/2″ blade and 8″ overall length – The FLG is the perfect size knife for Every Day Carry. $750 (Great Price for an FLG !)


David Broadwell Custom

David Broadwell Custom folder with extensive custom workmanship throughout this magnificent knife including Chad Nichols Damascus blade, 3 1/4″ blade and 7 1/2″ overall length – This is awesome contemporary piece by a high end Knifemaker. $1195

Microtech Marfione Prototype DOC

Very Rare Microtech Marfione Strider Prototype DOC Auto with carbon fiber scales and comes with it’s Nightmare Ground blade, 4″ blade and 9″ overall – Awesome collaboration Tactical auto that fires hard and locks up like a bank vault. *SOLD*

Weiland Slash Sword

I’m taking orders for the next small run of Reese Weiland Slash Sword’s, these Slash Sword’s come with a 6″ blade and are 13 5/8″ in length – Get a hold of me through the site or call to reserve one of these Bad Ass Slash Sword Flipper’s ! ***( SOLD OUT !)***


Microtech Custom Anax

New Microtech A. Marfione Custom Anax with Titanium Integral frame with a fine stonewash blade that comes with it’s original microtech box and authenticity plate, 3 3/4″ blade and 8 5/8″ overall length –  Perfect size Tactical knife for EDC. *SOLD*

BRS Replicant Balisong

Brand Spankin New BRS (Blade Runners Systems) newer model called the “Replicant” Balisong with it’s paperwork and original box, 4 5/8″ blade and 10 3/16 overall Length – Quality limited built Balisong and a great looking blade design from BRS knives. *SOLD*

BRS Replicant Balisong

Brand Spankin New BRS (Blade Runners Systems) newer model called the “Replicant” Balisong with it’s paperwork and original box, 4 5/8″ blade and 10 3/16 overall Length – Quality built Balisong and a great looking blade design from BRS knives. *SOLD*


Weiland Slash Sword

Just in off the bench from Reese Weiland are the first of the Slash Swords – these things are wrecking machines at over 13 1/2″ in length – 6″ (.250) thick blade that’s razor sharp – these have been in the making for a while and came out just amazing. *SOLD*

Walter Brend Prototype

Walter Brend “Prototype” with an all Titanium frame and carbon fiber inlays, This Hand Ground Tanto blade is done in a nice satin finish, 4″ blade and 8 7/8″ overall – Ultra smooth opening knife that has bearings and it’s one of the best looking Tactical knives out there. SOLD*

Weiland Slash Sword

Reese Weiland Slash Sword Prototype Flipper that was just finished this week and I must say came out just AWESOME, double row caged bearings and comes with a 6″ blade and this bad boy is over 13 1/2″ in length – Nothing like it out there ! *SOLD*


Microtech DOC Punisher

Microtech Marfione Custom DOC Punisher Automatic Killswitch DLC with an all DLC Titanium Frame with Hand Engraved Punisher Skull button and flamed clip and back-spacer, 4″ DLC blade and 9″ overall – This all murdered out DOC is just Awesome ! *SOLD*

Roton Balisong D/E

Roton USA Balisong with a double edged blade and optional mirror polished blade that comes with it’s original box, 4 3/8″ blade and 9 3/8″ overall length – These Roton’s are built like a tank and the comes with an awesome looking mirror polished blade. *SOLD*

Shirogorov Hati CF (S90V) !

Shirogorov Hati CF Tactical Flipper with Carbon Fiber scale and Titanium back-spacer and Frame-lock with a S90V Blade and comes with it’s original box and papers, 3 7/8″ blade and 8 3/4″ overall – These have some of the best flipping actions of any Tactical. *SOLD*


Crusader Forge Tanto

Tough Looking Crusader Forge Tanto folder with FDE scale and thick Titanium frame that comes with it’s original box, 3 1/4″ blade and 8 1/2″ overall length – Crusader Forge knives are definitely built for hard use in mind and should last a lifetime or two ! *SOLD*

Wally Hayes Vampire Spike

I just received a couple Wally Hayes Vampire Spike’s made of Tool steel that Wally color heat treated to give them a really cool aged look about them, the also come with their leather sheath, they are 6 13/16″ overall and are a very effective necker. *SOLD*

Reese Weiland Fatty Slash CT Tanto

Brand New Reese Weiland Fatty Slash CT Tanto flipper with it’s massive titanium frame and blade, 3 1/4″ blade that’s 3/8″ thick and an overall length of 7 7/8″ – This is only the 2nd Slash Fatty Ct Tanto I have done and it’s definitely one of my favorites so far. *SOLD*


Reese Weiland Fatty Monster Strike

Brand Spankin New Reese Weiland Fatty Strike flipper with a massive titanium frame and a 3/8″ thick fatty blade that comes with double row caged bearings, 4 1/2″ blade and 10 1/2″ overall length – Thick is a big handful of Tactical Flipping Badness ! *SOLD*

John W. Smith Custom

New/Unused John W. Smith (Very High Skilled Maker) This Tactical folder comes with carbon fiber scales and Titanium bolsters with a beautiful hand sanded blade, 3 3/4″ blade and 8 3/4″ overall – Fantastic fit and finish throughout these JWS Tactical folders. *SOLD*

Weiland Slash CT Fatty Bowie

Brand New Reese Weiland Slash CT Fatty “Bowie” Flipper with a mirror polished and massive Titanium frame-lock, 3 1/4″ blade and 8 1/16″ overall length – Another Killer Slash Variation from Reese and the mirror polished blade is just off the charts. *SOLD*


Michael J. Smith Seeker (Mirror Polished)

One of a Kind Michael J. Smith Seeker Tactical Flipper with an ultra smooth finished frame and a “mirror polished blade”, also has Michael’s new pivot with collar and floating back-spacer, 3 5/8″ blade and 8 1/16″ overall – Flawless Tactical Perfection ! *SOLD*

Blackwood Bruiser Prototype

Neil Blackwood Bruiser “Prototype” Flipper with Japanese Styled Blade with Hamon pattern with Neil’s signature moonglow back-spacer and Anodized frame with anodized Titanium hardware, 4″ blade and 9 1/8″ overall – Built for hard use as the name implies *SOLD*

Pohan Leu Hamachi

New/Unused Pohan Leu Hamachi IKBS Frame-lock flipper with Black/Red LSCF Scale and titanium bolster with Gold anodized hardware, 3 7/8″ blade and 9 3/8″ overall length – This is one great Looking Hamachi with a very strong detent. *SOLD*